EUC09 flatland battles male

Now the male battles are also online. Enjoy them.


Wow… very impressive!

Some of Adrien’s combo’s were incredible. Same with Krisz.

Thank you so much!!!

Elias vs Adrien was very impressive. Glad you put that in there.
Loic’s style is really getting better and nice imo.
Elliot is just godly… Fifth varial was so amazing!

Dam my slow internet, can’t wait for this either. Sounds awesome.

Good luck to Elias.

Winners = Elliot 1st, Krisz 2nd, Adrien 3rd. IMO

I think Elliot should have beaten Adrien and then probably win. Adrien then would battled loic or Krisz and win against loic, loose against krisz (getting 3rd or 4th). (not sure who won in loic vs krisz)

I’m not sure, Elliot disappointed me a bit, I was expecting something more spectacular.

I think either krisz or adrien should have won. Then either Loic or Elliot in the third or fourth places.

Adrien was a bit of a floor hog :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but his combos are freaking ridiculous!!! It’s not fair man…

I liked Loic’s final better than Adrien’s.


True, but his combos are freaking ridiculous!!! It’s not fair man…

Hey every body
Thank you for your good comment, do you put glasses ? :sunglasses:
I’m really sorry, but i don’t think my flat combo were freaking ridiculous like you say.
I hope that a day, we will be you and me in a flat battle together, and after you will can show me your flat combo .

PS : I’m sorry if my english isn’t correct

i think adrien should won the final, because he landed much more tricks than
loic…loic only landed the inward doublesideflip back to the pedals…he failed at
all the oher tricks at the back mount:o

and adriens flat combos are not redicilous like you said, i think if you do your
easier tricks in a competition, you can land almost every time…they are better
than hard tricks you try and fall.

-Raphael I always thougt Adrien won…

Judging is always hard you never have the results everybody wants. Because of that I like trial and races so much :).

lutz you must look by the final battle results and not by the preliminary round;)

This should mean that from all what I know Adrien won. I was confused because Rapha wrote that he thought that Adrien should have won and that Loic was the winner.


I mean freaking ridiculous in the sense that they were amazing, not in a bad way by all means. Really long and really smooth combos.

Adrien, was your final trick a 900 sidespin?!?!

oh my enlgish isnt that good:o

before adrien try 900 sidespin, he was acting very strange, I thought he was gonna try a frontflip on flat :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

actually he did it after, i just couldn’t capture it :stuck_out_tongue:

You kidding? Thats intense… I doubt he’d get very close tho…

There were a few times it looked like he was going for a frontflip dismount, but thats not very impressive unicycling wise.