Euc winter?

Is there coming any big euc winter movie like the big euc summer 09 movie the sinco and utv made? :thinking:

I hope so!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too :smiley:

just b patient and u shall recieve. i am sure of this

hm, i didn’t realize that this thread exists.
sorry guys, i wanted to finish editing earlier but i had some technical and personal problems so i couldn’t make it as i planned.
anyways most of the video is done, and you’ll be able to watch it soon.
please be patient, i’m working on it. :slight_smile:


Don’t hurry Jim guys :stuck_out_tongue: He is our video god… He can take as many time as he wants :stuck_out_tongue:

haha Joke :stuck_out_tongue: Also looking forward to it Jim :wink: Let me know of anything you need to help :wink: