EUC Winter Video Marathon by Yoggi

Day 1 Trial:


I love yoggis vids :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to the rest!


Nice lines.
The 3 and 4 split images (don’t know how to call it) were horrible, realy unpleasant to see everything going on

great video! :wink:
looking forward to the video of the street comp:)

Yeah YOGGI!!!
your vids are great!!!

sick! but i couldnt watch it all at the same time!


If you watch it 4 times and remember which part you watched before you should be able to see all in the end :smiley:

So here is part 2:



Adrien’s 360 and trey down the 7 stair were crazy!
Elias’ riding the rail to grind to 180 out was very creative.
Loic’s Trey out of box rail was good.

Tight videos, thanks for posting them.

Ah yeah, that was pretty nice.

I didn’t notice Krisz in their :thinking: . Was he there (in the video)?

Yeah, Adrien’s tre down the 7 was by far the best thing in this video.

I wish I was there :p.

Of course he was! Can’t believe you didn’t notice his style. He flips down the 7 just after Elias trys to snap his uni at 34secs.

I wanted to see more of Thibault. And I want to see the runs, not just random clips. From this footage it dosn’t look like Krizs would have won.

i love your vids :slight_smile:
but i miss some footage of us girls.i know we weren´t as good as the boys but i think e.g. maria did some really good things in the street comp (double flip down stairs and so on) and this could really be shown…cause not only boys can ride street or trials:p
but still great vid;)

as yoggi was responsible for the competitions itself together with Connie and me he wasnt able to film everything but he gave an great overview whats going on there. We will se if we can provide some complete runs like we offer last year but especially for street you never find a rider alone cause the new rules let always ride 5 or 6 together which works great and was a big fun for riders and audience. Its always the best to come to the convention if you want to see everything :wink:
@ pele: next time you will be there I think :smiley:

I can’t watch any of them for some reason. The image stops, then a new image comes 5 seconds later. Whats the deal? Can you put it on flash player please?

I have some flat runs I believe… But I was testing my camera and the quality isn’t good, also the filming… :stuck_out_tongue: I was behind Loic so you can se his head 50% of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

But If someone want a battle, let me know and I check if I have!

flash versions will be online tonight, will also help to download it.

The top/last battles would be nice:

Loic vs Adrien
Elliot vs Krisz
Loic vs Krisz or Elliot?
Adrien vs Krisz or Elliot?

street comp is also very cool;):smiley:

clip 3 - Flatland

here you can find the flatland clip, enjoy it :smiley:

part 3:



for some reason the flash files dont work up to now, sorry for that. I will try to fix asap.