EUC Winter 2012 Discussion Thread!

Can’t wait for this!

I thought it stood for european unicycle championships? (actually I kinda thought it stood for both lol)

Anyone think that street, flat and trials riders will consider EUC more important then Unicon? Competition wise of course.

It’s essentially the same deal for us flat, street, trials monocyclistes. Three days of international competitions in what are (of course) the most important disciplines of unicycling. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, so if I wanted to come and watch…
reading the website I think I would need to register, even if I don’t want to participate in any contests…
Can anyone confirm this?!?

I didn’t think I’d be going this year, but I just booked my flights! :smiley: It’s gonna be awesome!

I’m almost positive you don’t have to register to watch. You could email olaf(at) to make sure. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Julia B;1492667]
I didn’t think I’d be going this year, but I just booked my flights! :smiley: It’s gonna be awesome! QUOTE]

Great you’re comming.

It´s gonna be the third time for me this EUC, I can hardly wait.

and its gonna be the 3th time that I can’t go to euc :frowning:

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t neither go :frowning: I kinda love doing comps, also when I’m not the winner, but joust giving it everything I got, it gives me a big rush.
I have to wait till Unicon to do any :frowning:
Also I’d be awesome to meet some of you guys out there!

i’ll be there again
for people who wanna buy a copy of Unicycling is not a crime during the event, just sent me an email there unicyclingisnotacrime(at) to let me know you want one


Only 4 days of waiting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just glanced at the list of participants… wonder why Spencer Hochberg is registered as a female… He/She will be tough competition for the Julia B and the others.

I didn’t notice that :smiley:

1st place Flatland

Congrats to Julia for 1st in Flatland!!! Way to go girl! We knew you would kill.


All results:

Thanks Lutz for posting! (and it’s Casper van TielradeN hahaha)

Does anyone have video? I’ve seen trial4ever’s 10 side, which was shockingly awesome, but that’s about it…

I really like how they show everyone’s placing because with so many big names, you can see actually who came where and why etc. I think that all comps should release results like this. :wink: