EUC winter 2011

Just something I mixed together, please leave comment.


Awesome! Looked like some very competitive riding :smiley:

Thanks for that video, I enjoyed, so much huge stuff in that.

Damn dude yoiu’re a beast. Love it Love it Love it.

Looks like a lot of fun there :smiley:

Thanks for putting the video together :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: pretty long intro and super fast outro…

I’m so sick of seeing flatland on the box :S


I dont care everybody should ride as he wants and it suits his style. Luckily there are still enough riders for every style and I can understand that not everybody likes pain enough to go big :).

The Video is nice but the end was to fast and I missed trials.

Im mostly getting pain when Im doing small stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:
And I dont think thats its because guys like Adrien dont wonna do big stuff (cus i know he does some big stuff ex. treyflip down 7 stair) they do flat on the box, I think its becuase of the points… I think… :slight_smile:

There were even people doing flat on the tech street part with the rails/ledges.
just on the floor in front of the rails