EUC Winter 2011: Registration Opened!


I’m really happy to announce in name of the EUC Winter/Wuko crew that the registrations for the Extreme Unicycle Championship 2011 are finally open!

The EUC Winter 2011 will take place in Cologne, Germany, between January 21 and 23!

Again, it will be held at the same time as WunschKonzert VI (probably the funniest uni event you can find!) in the awesome facilities of the AbenteuerHallen gym, which includes a cool trials course, a great flatland area and an awesome skatepark! It’s also located really close to the subway, so you can easily visit the Cologne downtown with the awesome buildings and river!

As always, the participants number is quite limited, so hurry up to register! The registration cost runs around 70 Euros! And that includes breakfast, dinner and a supply of soft drinks during the day (and as a Wuko during the night too!). As always to enjoy the most the 3 days and nights, (and believe me when I say that the nights are usually crazy ;)) you’ll spend there, there’s space for “camping” (to drop your sleepbag and bags!) inside the gym!

You can find everything you need over the EUC WebSite:

From personal experience: You can’t miss it :p! It’s so far the best environment to ride, make and meet friends and chill out after a crazy riding weekend!

I hope to see you guys in Cologne this winter!


For those who are registered: 123 DAYS and counting down!

Might register.

I think this is the most pumped I’ve been for an event yet. :slight_smile: 3rd registered and the only one from the USA so far.

Can’t wait!

ill be from the usa well hungary too :smiley:

there no registration button :frowning: where is it?


Same question here

I had the best time of my life at the previous EUC winter! I want to go to Köln so bad… But I most likely have exams then :angry: .

:smiley: It will be awesome (AGAIN) :smiley: