EUC video {Street/Flat/Trial}

This is our video for the video competition at EUC.
Hope you enjoy it and drop a comment;)

awesome video!!

wow wow wow slow down there boy, one of u sponsored by ADDICT??

So sick. I loved it. Ludwig’s one handed triples on flat were awesome. :smiley:

where’s the pads!? :astonished: :smiley: I <3 raphael line, so consistent!

Great riding…music could be better.

wow nice vid!!
a shame it wasn’t in the video competition of euc… because it was to long :frowning:

could you get it on youtube, cause vimeo is f*cked up my computer…

who is sponsored by addicted
and isn´t addicted a skate brand?

Wow;),this video is very:) good !!!:D:D:D

Addict is a new unicycle brand by Yoggi. will be the website.

Nice video!!!

Raphael uses drilled moments now?
Nice video; edit, filming, and riding were chill.

Trust you to be the first to notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Vid loading

Very nice. Sick sick sick line Raph. Another flux prodigy.

yea im very exited bout ADDICT!!

and yes that was some sweet flux there

soo nice video, really enjoyable (as you write it, I don’t know…:o )
Was also good to see those guys at EUC, Raphi is an outstanding flatlander

he doesn´t now. he just used eli´s trial unicycle for a few days, but look at the hicktripple and the other stuff…there he used his koxx uni with a short neck kh;)

If some have trouble with Vimeo just take a look here ot download it here at UTV :slight_smile:

Great Vid, The riding was really awsome. I liked the bail part during the Credits, It was fun to watch:).

i thought it was an addict frame, it looked a bit like it