EUC-Video (Pöham & friends)





So filthy. Favorite edit from you guys so far. I laughed so hard at the seat push clip. I thought he was going to pick it up right before he hit him but no… He took it like a man!

Really ejoyable.

Nice ‘sex change backside tripleflip’? I really liked the stuff you did syncrho with you’r little brother.

Best yet Raphi!! you’re creativity is insane. But you and Lorenz look EXACTLY the same lol.

True, when they are both in clips I can see who’s who because Laurenz’s shorter but other than that I can’t seem to be able to tell who’s who.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

haha xD… yeah our hair is almost the same :smiley:

but definitely not the same, there’s broccoli, and sheep…

awesome vid!!
I LOVE the filming and editing =D riding was sick to :slight_smile:

And I agree with Bobousse… they may have the same hair, but Lorenz is a cheep and Raphael not :stuck_out_tongue:

So nice!!!
all The combo’s and tricks where cool, filming + editing was amazing again.

Synchronised Unicycling :sunglasses:


so nice, crazy big flip tricks. The Sex change back side tripple? also blew my mind…and all the big spins and flips to, on and from wheel.

Amazing video

Before anybody asks, what’s the song?

Oh, sorry, never mind, just heard it. DJ Got Us Falling In Love Remix - PJ Simas.

Outbacksidechangetripleflip :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the best trick name of all time

You guys are the best!!

Triple :s… I thought I was cool for doing that trick with just a single xD.
Nice filming and edit as always. Elias continues to amazing me with his style.

You guys look little in those big shirts though xD

Every time I see a new Pöham video I think “This can’t be topped.” Then you guys come out with another video and it blows me away even more. Everybody’s creativity was crazy. Really nice sex-change backside triple, impressive 7thdouble and great treytripleback. I honestly can’t decide which is better, the filming or editing or even the riding. I also really liked the synchronized unicycling. All of you continue to blow me away with your style.

I’m curious to know was that a sej double or a normal sejflip? Cause it was spinning and flipping so fast.


A new Pöham vid is always great to see!
Ihr Dackl!

Thank you all for your comments.
Yeah it was a 7double from felix :wink:
We give our best to do good videos:)