EUC sick bail

Caught this bail by (donnu who it is, thought it was Kristóf Hórvath, but he says it isn’t him :confused: )

If you know who it is please let me know :wink:

I remember that when i saw this live at EUC, I was thinking “holy shit, he wont be able to ride today.”, but then he even tried that Line again.
The Expert Trials sections were totally overkill, I remember quite a lot hard Bails.

I’m pretty certain that’s Kristóf Horváth :P. Crazy bail, good thing he was wearing that helmet :astonished: !

mm… weird I’m also pretty sure it is Kristóf Hórvath… ^^
sick bail :D!!

and I agree with finnspin: the lines were pretty much over skilled and there were not enough lines( only 6… and this one was the easyest =D)

its kristof :slight_smile:

Is Kris on drugs today? xD
I wrote to him earlier and he said that it wasnt him xD I was also really sure that it was him…
Isn’t it nice to have friends that can recognize you when you cant urself Kristof? xD hehe

Nice bail… part of the reason I dont do trials. If you land it, it won’t hurt. If you don’t land it, well kristoffs look-a-like can tell you how he felt the next day :stuck_out_tongue:

… I probably wouldn’t want to admit to pretty bad bail like that… :stuck_out_tongue: Looked fairly painful but as SpaceFmK said, If you land it - it won’t hurt… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
I don’t think I’d ever attempt a line like that

looks like it got him below the helmet :confused: pretty decent bail. quite enjoyed it :stuck_out_tongue:

he was fine though and he got the line in the comp afterwards :slight_smile:

excellent, i love a good bail. lets me know that people are still pushing the limits of this sport.

+1 !!

street/flatland hurts more than trials does

So true!! My feet are getting so much smashed when I ride street/flat (mostly on big flatland tricks and varial rolls -.-’)

flatland hurts? oh your poor little footsies :frowning: nawww

if you like pain then streets good :stuck_out_tongue:

Looked like he smacked his ear under the helmet. OW

His shoulder was covered with red stripes i remember. Pretty hard. I remember i was on top of the the car trying another line when all of a sudden the whole place went quiet.

Pretty cool he just continued. As it toke him some time to get up my spontanious reaction was that it was worse than it actually turned out to be.

Well when you fall in a bin, it takes a while to get back out haha. Good that [Insert Name Here] was ok.

See The Stars)))))) Bet he did for a moment.
Glad he survived but I too love to see a good bail on a unicycle.

Still hurts more than trials