EUC - france

I`m going to france this summer!

Are anyone else going?

Not sure yet! Only if I get thet airplane for free… I have great chances for that, but not SURE yet…

Hopefully I will do that :wink: and also ride with Adri in montpellier again!

I wish… :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure out the New Zealand trip.

Come on John! How many UNICONS you attended? All?

You can’t miss it! If you don’t get money or airplane, we should make a donation here on the forums to pay the ticket! :stuck_out_tongue: You MUST be there!

Well, I’m lucky, airplane prices are lower here… Especially for NZ… Don’t know why it’s cheaper, since it isn’t Much far!

I will come to EUC, with some friends of Belgium!! :smiley:

I’ll be in france so i’m going to try and make it!

I actually might be going… I think I am going to Europe this summer and if I do I am definitely going.