EUC - Fabian Mark

I love his style soooo much

Great riding, but I found it funny that he bothered to take his seat out to hop 2½ pallet at 1:34… :slight_smile:

Wow there was some pretty awesome lines. I lol’ed at spencer almost missing the train.

wow great movie. loved the editing especially the end ! thanks for sharing

hey… are you the number one trials rider? or is he? maybe he knows something that we dont know

He is, and that’s why I in my ignorance found it funny. But you’re right. Maybe he’s got some big secret which reveals the truth about hopping up 2½ pallets SIF… One never knows… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Fabian changes to sif because its good practice and maybe he wants to be 100% sure he will make it.I havent seen fabian do anything seat in before

Spencer train things was sooo cooler in real life… lol…

Mark is awesome! I followed big part of his lines while filming for Since, and it was crazy!

Mark, Joe, Aleix, Maxime… They are putting it on a new level!

well its debatable as to whether he is the best or not. and im sure mark knows y, altho maybe not…

Sinco video YAY !!!

Pedro wrote Since… :stuck_out_tongue:

I assumed it was a spelling mistake.

Its not!
Since is the new Sinco!