EUC Countdown

EUC (winter) - 2011 is getting closer! :smiley:
You can see the exact time left here:

almost time ^^

From the French Forums:
Result flat:
1st: Krisztián Kovács
2nd: Josef Sjönneby
3rd: Raphael Pöham

And Sinco Jim tweeted
“congrats to Márk Fábián & Kristóf Horváth! :)”
“congrats to Krisztián Kovács & Marcell Pataki! :)”

Not sure what places for who for any of that though.

Krisz won street too, Elias got second, Adrien third.

Mark won trials, and Tim got second. Idk anything else.

Anyone know girls results?? How did Julia do?

Thanks for results


  1. Sophia
  2. Julia
  3. Mary


  1. Julia
  2. Janna
  3. Mary

Way to go Julia. North America represent.

Nice Julia and Sophia, diiiiiirty neeeedlez!

Full results are up now.