EUC and Wunschkonzert 2009

does anyone knows when the registration for the winter EUC opens?
i dont want to miss it!:wink:

why don´t ask olaf directly?
AFAIK he organizes it

ist zwar schon ne woche her dass du gefragt hast, aber falls dus noch nichts weißt kann ich ihn heute in der abentuerhalle fragen.

sry for german :stuck_out_tongue:

Mal nicht so ungeduldig Sophia :wink: Wirst schon nix verpassen.


As soon as the registration is open, there will be an announcement.


I’m not sure If I will attend… airplanes are all full and the ticket costs 2000 US Dollars! But I hope to make it!

Who will attend?

I will, of course :slight_smile:

It would be amazing if I could go to WUKO…

But I doubt I would be able to…

haha, i live in cologne. (well, about 50km away) it would be very stupid not to go to wuko, right?

i’d really love to go but i don’t think i’ll have enough money for then…:frowning: