EUC America

Welcome to the First EVER EUC America discussion thread!

Yesterday we held the flat competition. It was a complete success! We did prelims of a minute and a half run and then the final 4 did flat battles.

Colby Thomas vs. Shaffer Nickel and Kevin Kartchner vs. Christian Kendall

Colby and Kevin won and battled for the finals. It was called a tie by the judges because Colby and Kevin both landed there final tricks and it was such a close battle. (Kevin - 1080 unispin, Colby - fifthtriple)

Christian Kendall placed 3rd and Shaffer Nickel 4th.

All the prelims and battles were filmed and will be up on youtube soon.

Today we are setting up for street, going swimming, riding in town, and holding the street competition at night. (So hot during the day)

Over all it’s been amazing and I expect nothing but big things from EUC America in the future.

Huge thanks to the sponsors Kris Holm Unicycles,, Mad4One, Vooray, and Fresh Apparel.
Also big thanks to Jacob Spera and family for holding the competition at his house and being so hospitable.

Is there any video footage of the event?

I seriously wish I was at EUC America right now :expressionless: Big up, 1080 and fifthtrip are huge final tricks… Fifthtriple is possibly the biggest final trick of any battle so far, I’d say.

Congrats to all that competed. Post some video if possible.

Thanks for the responses. Street comp just got over. Words of Jacob Spera “most insane street comp in the world.” That’s his word.

It was so legit.

Video will be out as soon as i get a decent internet connection.

Street Results are as follows

Expert Street
1st - Kevin Kartchner
2nd - Jacob Spera
3rd - Colby Thomas

Intermediate Street
1st - Christian Kendall
2nd - Shaffer Nickel
3rd - Noli Ergas

Very awesome, the stuff that was landed is unreal and pushing the sport so hard. Consistency was out the roooof!

Huge up again to all the sponsors and Jacob Spera. This will be a must attend event in the future. Loving every minute.

Video soon.

Sounds like an awesome event. Keep the updates coming. Hoping to get something like this on the East Coast sometime soon. I wouldn’t be competing, but would love to experience this level of unicycling skill live and in person. Is the event getting a decent turnout? Any idea on the approximate number of competitors and spectators?

Yeah we will have video up soon. The turnout was about 11 riders total, and then spectators came and left throughout the time. But the overall experiance was amazing and the competition went extremely well I thought.

Thank you so much for all that came and took part of the first EUC America. The riding was amazing even with the record high temperatures that were experienced. Couldnt of done this without Kevin and Colby, thank you so much for all the help you guys did.

I want to thank all the sponsors that helped out as well to! Massive thanks for Kris Holm sending a care package for some prizes! I also want to thank Vooray and Fresh for providing T-shirts as well. Thanks to the sponsors of all the riders as well!

I am really looking forward to hosting this event again next year and hopefully with some more riders :slight_smile:

Nest year you need to see if you can hold it somewhere covered.

Where did it take place, Logan, SLC?

In Logan, maybe the Livestock/Convention Center would let you use one of their outbuilding? Also might see if a local wherehouse would let you ride in one of their open areas.

Down in Chattanooga, next to the skate park, they converted a large wherehouse into a covered, open air space for riding. It looks like a wherehouse with the walls removed, so it has this really high roof with glass panels, about a football field of smooth pavement underneath. I think it used to be part of a steel mill.

Next year if I have a better area I will host the event inside. Right now I am planning on having the event at the start of summer so it will not be as hot.

Overall it all went great! We setup in the morning and went riding and swimming in town during the day. Then at sunset we started the comps and setup lights and speakers.

Here is one of the few videos to possibly come from what happened at the event. Massive thanks to Shaffer Nickle for putting together an awesome edit :slight_smile:

I would go to EUC America anyway, dear spambot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice! You know you’re an Extreme Unicyclist when you’ve been poked by a spoke while riding… lol

No problem! :wink: