EUC 2010 winter teaser



Looks pretty sick. We need a new solo vid of Krizs though.

Can’t wait!


That was awesome! I’m excited for the full video.

Wow! I can’t wait! :smiley:

wee need new videos from both kri(z)s thought :smiley:
the trailer looks good :wink: i´m looking forward to the whole video!


We need a team Koxx-One street video. Chris, Krisz, Loïc, and Dan. Or just a solo video from all of them coming out sometime soon.

Can’t wait for the full EUC video!

Sometimes I hate these teasers. I have already seen some winter vids but this teaser leaves me drooling for the Sinco winter vid.
I mean really. You dont have to tease me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Jim, can´t wait too!

No we need fabian

that was cool! now i am even more excited for the full video:) hurry up :smiley:

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:
Full vid will be delivered soon.
As for the single vid - we’re working on that one too (for both Krisz and Mark). :wink:

Jon A…

Yeah. My favourite of all koxx team is Jon Atwell… And Krisz and Chris of course. And Pinzes.