EUC 2009 winter edition and WuKo IV

We have now some more then 100 participants so those who still think about to come sould sign in now :smiley:
Kit and Joe: Gear up ! Mike and Brenden: this year we will take care that you get also your flight !
Espania, we miss you completely up to now.

I move the trial competition to Friday night in the schedule.
As there are so many Flatland and Trial riders now it will make the event much more relxed that way and give all 3 competitions enough time. Please let us know if that change dont fit to your traveling plans / options or if you dislike it for other reasons. I hope you all like it :smiley:

You will find some new stuff now in the Info Area like theh price list, take a look now!
Would be great to get some feedback by the street riders if they agree to follow the new rule proposal which sounds like a pretty good Idea and works like Skaters do at X Games. Lets talk about and decide if you give it a chance.
At the Info page you will also find an overview about the location which show the big area for free riding that we also offer while the competitions are running.

I cant wait :slight_smile:

What does the Wuko 3 style ticket include?

I hope there is plenty of pasta salad for dinner on Saturday night!


The style ticket includes everything except alc.

also the t-shirt?


Wow Awesome… Can’t wait :smiley:

Started the Countdown :stuck_out_tongue:

17 DAYS!

For me maybe 18…

So anyone from America willing to attend?! There’s time :wink:

Kevin McMullin Signed In :smiley:

Now North America is also covered!

15 Days!:smiley:

I didnt knew that wuko comes so fast. My foot has to hurry up in getting fine ;).

Looks like I definitely wont be able to make it, The Royal Bank of Boogie is having a sub-prime crisis all of its very own at the minute and for some crazy reason it’s about the only bank that the government isn’t bailing out.

I’m gutted I wont be able to come and enjoy the winter festivities and catch up with all of you lovely people.

Party hearty on my behalfy.

Oh, and maybe try and do some unicycling too…

10 Days!!!

Leaving Brasil tomorrow to Adrien’s house, then Paris and Finally WUKO :smiley:

Can’t wait to meet everybody again :smiley:

is it possible to get any accomodation for a night just before?
I have some problems with flight connections and that’s the only thing which stops me…

…I’m nice in general and I can help with setting up stuff :smiley:

So I’m afraid I won’t make it.
Just broke my ankle yesterday on a dowhill.
But you all have fun, make sure to film some stuff

@OWCA: it is possible to arrive on thursday in that case, let me know by email when you will arrive then and where (

@ Probailer2: :frowning: so good luck with your ankle !!! If everything works fine we will have a webcam in the hall so you can take a look whats going on.

Great to hear there might be a webcam :slight_smile:

From Adrien french keyboard: uhuul… we cant wait :smiley:

6 days I think :wink:

we are making a crazy video for the video contest :wink:

please, let us know if there will be a webcam :smiley:

Webcam is on 99%