EUC 2009 winter edition and WuKo IV

It’s not longer a rumor, it is a fact now and some of you are still signed in, the first EUC will happen together with WuKo IV at the 23./24./25. of January 2009. As always there is a limited number of participants for the winter edition so don’t think to long about it, sign in! At you will find the most needed information and there you still can sign in.
Die EUC in Cologne is sponsored by, Kris Holm Unicycles, KOXX ONE, QU-AX, apex, Abenteuer Halle Köln/Kalk and, the GUNF is responsible for the competitions.

So don’t wait, sign in! A ticket to EUC/WuKo was also a great succes as Christmas present last year.

perhaps a strange question but what are the cost?
cant find it on the website but i do like the questions on the registration form;)

I’m real tempted to come after the japes we had last year but I’m waitng to see if Mr Baxter, Steph, Janina or Jess are going.

Hmmm… The 25th is my birthday :slight_smile:

That may help, but I still doubt I’ll be able to make it. I hope to though.

I think I’ll have to make it :roll_eyes:

Hey pele, you should go :D… You’ll kill everybody in the Street!

my brothers and me will go too :smiley:

Sorry guys.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it this year.

So there will be one in France this summer? Maybe if I start saving up… (and if it’s after NAUCC)

Maby I will go to the summer edition :roll_eyes: The winter edition is to close to an other event…
It isn’t to far away of my home ( les far than unicon :stuck_out_tongue: )
I will ask my parents if I may go :D:)
and how much does it cost :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Anyone from america going?!

I’ll only attend The Winter edition I think… The summer is to close to UNICON!

Hope to see you guys in Cologne :smiley:

Registered, with Lucia, my girlfriend. Will probably be hitch-hiking to Koln, unless can find a ride from someone on here. We’ll be coming from Prague.

Ivan, great that you come together with your girlfriend !!!
Should be possible to come from Prague, if you arrive a bit earlier we will find a place for you to stay one or two days for sure.

Mr. Baxter have to come :slight_smile: Janina and Steffie will be there then also so go for it Mr. Boogiejuice!

I will also figure out the exact coast for it but it will be ok like every year, don’t panic.

I’ll have to have a think about this one, check flights etc!

Last year was awesome, and its a great venue, along with the pub on the corner on the main street, haha.


Hey Amanda!

look like we’ll have some party soon :smiley: I’ll probably go!

I really want to register this week… My parents may will buy the airplane tickets this week… i already got 200 Euros to spend in there…

The airplane tickets may a sponsor will pay a half and my parents a half, but would be better to get two sponsors… I still have some time!

Again, no one from america?!

Maybe I’ll be in France in these days, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the EUC! But I’d love too! =)

That would be great if you could also come over to Cologne from France, there are maybe some options to get a lift. If we can help you to make it possible, just let us know.

Steffie signed in now so Kit and Joe you should hurry up to get your ticket !!!

wow, I see Super Jesper has just signed up!
I was starting to wonder if the news of EUC had reached Denmark yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Time for you to register Joe.

Hurry up! :wink: And make sure Kit is comming too.

This is going to be awesome :D! I created an event for EUC on Facebook… join it :smiley:

Well I can’t say if im registering yet… although if I drove over I have somewhere warm to sleep - I’ve just fitted an electric heated bed in my van :slight_smile:

Nice move Pedro