EUC 2009 winter edition and WuKo IV

It’s not longer a rumor, it is a fact now and some of you are still signed in, the first EUC will happen together with WuKo IV at the 23./24./25. of January 2009. As always there is a limited number of participants for the winter edition so don’t think to long about it, sign in! At you will find the most needed information and there you still can sign in.
Die EUC in Cologne is sponsored by, Kris Holm Unicycles, KOXX ONE, QU-AX, apex, Abenteuer Halle Köln/Kalk and, the GUNF is responsible for the competitions.

So don’t wait, sign in! A ticket to EUC/WuKo was also a great succes as Christmas present last year.

5 days!

a selection of euc pictures

EUC Winter edition 2010


No results online yet?
Any idea when they will be?

Tomorrow they should be all online. I had to go to Berlin for a business trip direct after EUC so I cant do it before, sorry.

Check this out

Someone pointed me to your site because of my new music video. Loved what I found and thought you might like to take a look at the connection we have.

Thanks and keep rolling,
Jefferson Fox

the video: