esyiest way to learn?

hi i just got my 20’ 2004 torker unistar and i hav no idea how to ride any ideas.

uh, yeah, just get on and try…then try a bit more…then more…

Hey Ben
Welcome! Hopefully, this will help. It’s the post that I put up quite some time ago when I was first getting started:

Try riding inside while holding onto the ceiling. You can use it to brace yourself while mounting and while attempting to turn the pedals. As you gain confidence, you can try letting go of the ceiling for brief periods of time. Once you can go a few cycles of the wheel without touching the ceiling go outside. Hold onto something to mount, then ride as far as you can before falling off. Later, if you want to learn freestyle stuff like wheel-walking, go back inside and use the ceiling again. If you are too short, your ceiling is too high, or you have no open spaces indoors, try using a wall instead of the ceiling. When mounting make sure you put your first foot on the lower pedal, otherwise you will find it very difficult to get on. Practice hard, and you should see progress very soon. Happy unicycling!


Check out:

  • And looks in the Basic Riding sectino. There’s a big word document you can download. It’s pretty long but sums it all up VERY briefly at the start.

  • For videos on mounting and riding, among many other things that you’ll find very helpful once you progress.


I would start off in between 2 lawn chairs holding on to the backs. Then just go. When i fell I would go back to the start and try again.


I found riding in a hallway was pretty good because you can start to get some muscle memory without having to fall off a lot.

Re: esyiest way to learn?

Perhaps a smaller uni? 20’ is awfully high!:smiley: