Estonian riders


I am in search of municyclists or unicyclists in Estonia, Latvia Finland and Sweden. I am newly living in Tartu, Estonia.
Just getting back into unicycling after many years break. I have started a unicycling group of largely beginners here in Tartu. I would love to find some new riding friends in the area.

Happy wobbles,


You may want to try posting in the Russian forum. It is not very active, and from what I learned at Unicon, there are not many Russian unicyclists, but it is close to Estonia. The difference in language could be an issue, but it doesn’t hurt to try there as well.

Russian riders

Sure thanks. I will take a look, however border crossings require visas, so it becomes a bit tricky to meet up. But I will check if there is any activity on any Russian groups.

Hello Justin!

I know one rider who is living in Estonia, in Tallin. His nikname is FatBird on this forum. Try to write message to him. I think he will be happy.

And he is russian! :smiley: