Essential Protection

I took delivery of a pair of HillBilly gloves today - the missing link in my uni crash protection system.

System means complex whole and for me that comprises Raceface DH Rally knee and shin guards, Raceface Rally FR elbow and forearm protectors and Dainese armoured shorts, and now the gloves. I thoroughly recommend them all having reached that combination following spells with inferior versions.

Being a newbie with a propensity to succumb to gravity the protection gives me a great deal of welcome confidence. Confidence that I am not going to hurt myself when I bite the dust - like today when I tested the HillBilly’s at high speed on the tarmac just up the hill from where I live. And that means I can devote all my energies to getting better at the sport/past-time/hobby/skill/art that I am absolutely addicted to.

Today I ventured off the tarmac onto an un made up single track - wow. I’m getting a KH20 double crown tomorrow, can’t wait.

That’s enough of the Blog - what I’m saying is: newbies get armoured up and have the confidence to not bail when the going gets tough - you’ll be amazed how you can manage to stay on and that in turn gives you more confidence and speeds your learning.

You’ve got a helmet too, right?

I do, but for some reason I don’t wear it.



Street cred uni helmets

Show me a helmet with uni street cred and I’ll wear it.

I wear a riding hat when I’m on my horse so I’m not opposed, I just think bike hats are naff. No one in the tour de france wore them until they were made compulsory.

You’re riding a unicycle and you’re worried about street cred?


How are Hillbilly’s I have them in my cart at Amazon to purchase but haven’t yet.

I have a full-finger pair. They are really well made and pretty comfortable; however, they are quite warm.

Thanks Sycamore, I planned on getting the half gloves, sounds like they would be worthwhile. Thanks :slight_smile:

shin pads and helmet here thats all i need.

For muni rides, I usually wear a helmet, my 661 shin guards, and some motocross gloves.

Honestly, any pair of cheap motocross gloves are absolutely amazing. They have great protection and most are fairly breathable.

+1 on the motocross gloves!

I know a lot of riders swear off wearing helmets, but I’ve hit my head hard on metal railings, picnic tables, metal benches, etc so always wear a helmet when riding muni or trials. :astonished:

I wasn’t sure I needed one until I found myself on the ground one day and distincly remember hearing the “crack” when my helmet hit a bench that my wheel missed but my head didn’t. I’m not sure I’d still be around if it weren’t for that sexy piece of plastic on my head. :sunglasses:

One hit and get a new helmet tho.

I remember reading reviews somewhere on here that said the half fingered hillbilly gloves did not have as great of wrist protection as the full fingered. However, anything is better than nothing.

hey man its not wacky to wear a helmet, if you hit your head once pretty good it can have serious damage. I personally like a helmet to, it keeps the hair out of my eyes and lets me fall better :smiley:

Those are your words. Is your brain worth more than your wrists or knees? Or less? For MUni or road riding, my helmet is the last thing I’ll ride without. The ones at Walmart (or Wales equivalent) offer just as good protection as a $250 “pretty” one. Skate helmets will take more abuse, while regular bike helmets should be replaced after any hard impact.

Some people have nothing valuable to protect.

A bit of cleverness is helpful in my job, so I wear a helmet to protect my investment. :sunglasses:


I’m a trauma nurse, so I know what a good hit to a helmetless head can do. I personally wouldn’t ride without one, but everyone makes their own choices (and if it weren’t for all the “cool” boarders and motorcycle riders, I’d be out of a job - keep up the good work!).
Just remember: Nothing gives you more “cred” than your parents wiping your ass and feeding you through a tube the rest of your life.