Essence of Downhill

This video shows clearly why downhill unicycling is our favourite unicycling discipline.

It’s about friendship, being together and motiviating each other all the time.
It’s about the wonderful landscapes in our beautiful home country Austria.
It’s about appreciating the beauties of nature.
And sometimes it’s also about embarrassing mountainbikers by riding lines they can’t do or by riding them as fast as they do :wink:

Nice one. That looked fun. I laughed at the unicycle herding sheep.

:slight_smile: Thanks for sharing, great ride.


Nice piece. Really nice.

Now that looks like fun.

Very nicely done. Now that looks like fun.

I loved every second of it, wish i could ride there

Great video! Looks like a ton of fun!

Thanks for the comments. Indeed it was a lot of fun. :slight_smile: