ESPN X Games Skatepark Group Ride

Being that various posts regarding our planned group ride at the ESPN X Games skatepark in Philly are in several non-related threads (“Rolling Trials Competition Results”, “SWAT Sponsored by Arrow Racing!”)… I figured it would be a good idea to consolidate future posts to a single dedicated thread.

The members of SWAT, Brian MacKenzie, and myself are planning a group ride at the ESPN X Games skatepark in Philly sometime in March (we still have to finalize a date, but Obie can only make it during mid-march and Brian can only make it the last weekend of March). We will rent out the whole place so we’ll have it all to ourselves. We welcome anyone else who wants to join us. The cost is only $25 for 4 hours.

For more info, check out:

As I said, I can only be around between March 3 and 13, but if I’m there you I will ride. Also note that I will only have 1 unicycle with me, a trials most likely.

Even though life is pretty hectic for me lately, I would try my best to make it to the park twice if necessary… so that I can have the opportunity to ride with you and Brian MacKenzie. I will probably bring 2 Cokers and maybe even my geared giraffe.

If possible, I’d probably also go there at the middle of march (I won’t be here anymore by the end of march), BUT: I’d also bring a skateboard and aggressive inline skates in that case :slight_smile:


Just to let it be known…Nick and Joe live in 7 bedroom houses, and my house has a 2 free bedrooms, so we could definately provide comfortable sleeping locations for anyone who is interested in making a weekend out of it.

Any time is fine with me. I would like to ride with Kev again. If possible I would like to do both the middle and end of March.

Word. I’m thinking about either the 1st weekend or sometime during that week. That’s toque time, but I don’t think anyone from SWAT is going up.

I definately want to attend. I’m free from March 12-16 just to throw that out there.

This event just keeps sounding better and better with all the awesome riders that are interested in attending!

I suggest we have 2 events:

  • one on March 12 because wogri, Frank, and Obie can make it on that date, and
  • another one at the end of March when Brian MacKenzie can make it

You sure you can’t make it mid-March, Brian - because it would be great if you could ride with EVERYONE!

With all these amazing riders at such an extreme location, we’re definitely going to need video footage… so who’s got a digital camera to bring along?

Frank told me has spent a decent amount of time riding in skateparks and after being amazed by watching him blow through those 3 big qpipe ramps at the back of Rays… seeing what he can do in Philly is going to be a rare treat!

This event seems like it would be worthwhile for other riders to attend… just to watch Frank and the members of SWAT ride (and of course Brian MacKenzie at the end of the month - unless he can make it in mid-March - because we all already know that he’s insane)!

im free march 5th - 12th

no worries, have it that weekend, I’ll come some other time

I just called the X-Games park in order to check on March 12th to rent the place out and the woman I spoke to said that the “Birthday Party” deal was not an exclusive rental of the facility… so apparently the first person I had spoken with a while back was misinformed.

I did, however, find out that the place is basically EMPTY during the morning sessions (10am - 12pm & 12:15pm - 2:15pm) during the week, when the kids are in school. Unfortunately… March 12th - the date that seemed to work best for the first event - falls on a Saturday when the place is packed… and not a very good time to have the event!

Well, I think it would be fine. We’ll just plow through them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that or they will be so scared/interested they will let us have the floor for a bit.

I’m up for it either way… but the place will most likely be PACKED on the weekend! When I was there on a Thursday evening it was quite crowded, too. I could do the big straight ramp, the spine jump and the tabletop jump a lot, though I had to be real careful about getting in people’s way and I narrowly avoided a few collisions (mostly on the run up for the big straight ramp)… but there were lots of other ramps I didn’t even try because they were being used extensively by bikers and/or skaters.

The management would definitely prefer that we attend when it is less crowded, too… but if Saturday is our only option, then so be it.

I wanted to nail that line (I attached a picture of in the “Rolling Trials Competition Results” thread)… but I know I will need a few attempts to get it… and the run-up for that line is almost impossible to pull off (without getting in someone’s way) when it’s crowded. I hope with the group of us there, that perhaps we can yeild some control over the place and get to do stuff that we want…

March 12th is best for me, the weekend of march 5th i’ll be in richmond probably.

Well, what do you say guys? March 11th, 12th, or 13th?

My Vote would be for March 13th, I do have another Tournament at March 12th (Taekwondo)


I’d be up for it, but im not sure if mummy is up for a 6 hour drive…:frowning:

I called the ESPN X Games skatepark again today in order to find out which of their weekend sessions were the least crowded.

I was told that the least crowded weekend sessions are:

Saturday: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday: 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday is more crowded because of the BMX session in the morning (which gets real packed because there are only a few BMX sessions held per week)… and because they close earlier on Sunday, there are fewer sessions left for the skaters.

Thus, it seems that the morning and/or evening session would be our best bet. The evening session would probably work better for me.

[B]So what do you guys think… how is:

Saturday, March 12 - 9:00pm - 11:00pm[/B]

Also, what size/type uni’s are you guys going to be bringing? And what are you most psyched to attempt?

Sounds good to me.

Also note that anyone who attends will be welcome to spend the night comfortably in Philadelphia, courtesy of SWAT. We can then ride around the city and on the trials course we hope to have set up in DiJohns yard.

I will be on a 20’’, since it is the only uni I will be bringing home from school. There will be a couple munis and a couple cokers in the group to be passed around though.

I’ve never been IN the place, but I have looked in from the outside. Not sure what I wanna try, prolly just some grinds and halfpipes.

I’m not hugely into the skatepark riding style, which is why I recommend everyone stay and ride the next day. Regardless, I will be around and riding the whole time.