Espn e:60

Here’s a segment that just came out on ESPN’s E:60, posted here on Five Ten’s blog:

We actually filmed this near the end of Spring 2011 but they took ages to release it.

The new riding is in very wet and slippery conditions on Ladies Only trail on Mt. Fromme, Vancouver North Shore.


I loved this video. Everything you said was concise yet encompassed the most elemental aspects of the sport all while positively encouraging others that its something they CAN do. Posted it on the main forum also.

Why needlessly risk your life for a shoot; that’s what file footage is for!

very well done Kris

Wow, this video is so good, really amazing!

I just ran across this a few days ago. Great piece and an excellent short collection of films!

Great video Kris :slight_smile:

It’s great inspiration for us all to just get out there and ride :slight_smile:

But, oh boy there are some scary bits in there :astonished:

Great video :slight_smile:

Good thing I found this thread in a search, saved me from starting a new one :sunglasses:

Awesome Kris!