ESPN 2: Toronto

So this whole week I have been loathing the fact that my ankle is sprained and that everyone I know will be in Toronto. So I bought some icecream to drown* my misery. Then I go into work and a coworker approaches me.

Coworker: Hey Sal, guess what I saw on TV?
Sal: What?
Coworker: A unicycling race.
Sal: Really?
Coworker: Yep. On ESPN 2, on the highlights.
Sal: Where was it?
Coworker: Canada.
Sal: Where in Canada?
Coworker: Toronto I think.
Sal: smacks self on head Ahh! I can’t escape.

So long story short. I think some clips from the TOque games where on ESPN (Or at least the UMX). Tonight everyone will begin to return and they can tell me of their glory.

*Drowning stuff in icecream takes along time.
And alot of icecream.

  • Sal

Re: ESPN 2: Toronto

I saw that! One of the guys took a header! the clip was like a half a second
long and it was on the intro of sportsdesk or sports centre I think.


Anyone happen to get this on tape?

I really would like to see it


if by “header” you mean got smacked in the face, then that was joey, I hit him in the face while flailing frantically and trying to get back on my unicycle.

I Finished last in the final race :frowning: , it was alot of fun though.