Esoteric Hookworm tire question

I’ve never had camber pull me anywhere but downhill, which I attribute to the tire deforming - what the car people call “pneumatic trail” which is the effect that pulls your steering wheel back to the center. I think it’s the same as what OneTrackMind is saying.

I don’t think the “perpendicular” analogy holds, because your weight pushes the tire down vertically, whether the unicycle is angled or not. The wheel may be perpendicular to the surface, but not the downward force.

This is my official opinion, I guess, as I seem to voice (to myself )it a lot:

“Camber is weird. Camber is unpredictable. Camber is never fun to deal with, but it is challenging. And (the effects of) camber today might be different than (the effects of) camber yesterday. Lastly, the unicycle I am riding today is a wild card that affects all of the above.”

Early on, I could not ride in an offset position to deal with camber. I would try to stay directly above the unicycle, and manage the camber by “turning”. This often made me go down into the gutter.

Now, I find myself allowing the unicycle to stay perpendicular to the road (or as perpendicular as necessary), and I lean my body toward the camber (uphill) while letting the unicycle do what it needs to do.

I don’t like riding crooked with the wheel perpendicular to the ground. It just feels wrong. You can overpower camber by putting more weight on the pedals and upward force on the handle/handlebars, the downside of doing this however is that it takes more energy to ride this way. I do 90% of my riding on trails however.

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As I increase my time spent on trails, I may find that I deal with camber differently. I’m definitely looking forward to riding more off the pavement.