ES TE SE [matty p]

new vid from matty p.
chill day off work. :slight_smile:


was that a tre sideflip? or a 360 sidespin. I wasn’t sure.

Awesome if it was a sideflip.

sick vid, always liked your style

Was a in-in treyside wasnt it?

Awesomeness. Was that a outflip out of the grind? Looks cool backfooted.

Come to NZ :frowning:

Yeah I think its easy to tell lol.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

yep a fulloutsideflip. and sory but it was only a 180unispin out of the grind :frowning: ill have to give an outflip out of it a go.

Australia is getting some really nice skateparks lately.


OMGOMGOMG, been waiting for this vid for soo long, was pretty sweet, nice grinds man, cant wait for the next vid wink wink, nudge nudge.

Awesome video. It reminds me that unicycling can still be a lot of fun to do and watch without having to go going retardedly huge and techy.