Erin's Quad Gallery


The quads were pumped last night. We were thinking of you…

Here’s more of the Mystery Man. Hope you have high speed internet, the originals are HUGE.

I’ll post the revealing last two photos later…



(nice cords…how those crotch seams feel?)

Verrrrrrry nice! :smiley:

Humm, looks like Roach shorts, hummm could be John Childs quads !!!


Erin, you are good! (Or John is just easy)

Mystery revealed.

One more Pumping Uni pic in the gallery too.

Sofa, I don’t think all the combined quads present last night could match one of yours (There is a good reason I was behind the camera).

Yay!!! :smiley:

Yeah, that boy rocks!


Oh dear…

Erin, I must say that I am truly frightened if you can recognize an individual by their quads alone! My being female and inherently disqualified from the all male-quad competition is the only thing that keeps me riding with you without wearing full coveralls…


I particularly like the Schwarzneggian-pose of the second to last photo - nice work guys!

Yours sans notable leg musculature,

corduroy Roach shorts?!!!

how bourgeoisie…

I told UniBrier that the shorts were going to make it way too easy for you. :slight_smile:

I bought the shorts from Erin.

Well John, all I can add is that your quads look great in those shorts! :wink:


My favourite part of the picture…

I thought this was amusing…

How many gyms have a room dedicated to milk?


Re: My favourite part of the picture…

John: Is this a local gym in SEA area, and if so is there any kind of open riding or club activity? Or is it a private Milk Gym and MYOB? :sunglasses:

I’ve got a 9-year-old who is starting to ride pretty well, but he doesn’t have any riding compadres his age. Would love to hook up with a local club that has young 'uns if there is such a thing in our area. Thanks for any advice.



We were at the Uniques Unicycle Club’s weekly practice. We meet every Tuesday evening in the Lynnwood area through the school year and then outdoors for the summer. We do a few shows and a half-dozen parades through the summer too.

You are certainly welcome to come check us out. We have members from South Snohomish, North King, Bellevue, West Seattle, and, of course, Brier.

Send me an e-mail at dekoekkoeks5 at msn dot com or a PM.

Re: My favourite part of the picture…

Good thing the picture doesn’t show the door that says “pizza”. :slight_smile:

The practice area is a commons room at a middle shcool. The room also serves as a lunch room when it’s not scheduled for unicycling.