Erin's helmet

Erin, what’s with the helmet and shinguards? Are you really jamming on that thing or is the helmet an artifact from your Biker days? carjug who wants a muni

perhaps he wants to keep shins and head intact.

In the last 8 months I’ve written off 2 crash-hats, 3pairs of gloves and 3 sets of leg armour and have still ended up with head injuries and severe leg damage.

Because of the protective gear I’ve only been to hospital once.

If you’re going to go for it then at least make sure you’re padded up - you’re a fool if you dont.

I’m sorry but mocking somebody who is wearing the proper protective gear is just not on.

I only ever ride the 20 free-style without crash protection. With everything else I’m padded up.

I agree with joe on this one.

When your riding Muni you never know if your gonna have a UPD into a tree or something, it only takes 1 time to f*dge you up good for life. Put your helmit on and shut up about looking stupid.

As far as shin protection goes it really depends on the pedals your riding with. I used to have plastic twisted pro’s and even if you get twacked hard with them the worst that would happen is a small cut and a large bruse. However if I get a good pedal to the shin with some good metal pedals with pins your gonna need a few stiches. And thats not fun for anyone.

I’ll even wear wrist guards when I’m doing hard muni, or going big with trials. Breaking your arms isnt fun when you put your hand down to protect your face. And gloves are there so you dont cut your hands on rocks or glass.

You’ll find all this out when you go muni a few times and if your not riding hard enough so you think you need the pads then go home.


I started with no protection; I got gloves after a nasty downhill tumble attacked my palms. I got leg pads after a pedal tried to eat my leg. I intend to get elbow pads and a helmet before I get any more injured, especially now I’m starting to do trials.

You might not get injured very often, but when you do you’ll wish you had your gear on. I’d rather be riding with pads and the like and not need them than get home with a bloody leg and a new injury without them.

Phil, just me

I wonder to what extent risk compensation cuts in, though. I had a nasty fall on the Coker, bought elbow and knee guards, found them too much trouble, and decided to ride more slowly.

If you feel invulnerable, you will do more dangerous things, and vice versa.

I always wear a helmet and gloves, though.

Or rather you have the freedom to do things that might ordinaraly hurt you. This is largely why we don things like shoes- to make walking care-free. Same thing for armour: there are many relatively ‘safe’ skills I would hesitate to learn were it not for the protection provided by a few moments inconvenience.

And I like to go fast- something I wouldn’t do on the Coker without protection- kinda like not being willing to use a public bathroom bare-foot (I’m not in to that sort of excitement).


the he is a she.we need more shes too:)

Erin’s helmet

Another avatar window enlargement!

I think all that gear looks sexy!

Besides, you never know when you might run into UniGrizzly!

This is what you’d need for true protection in that case, however.Project Grizzly

Couldn’t have answered Carjug’s question any better myself; thanks guys.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the gender clarification, again… I know it is an easy mistake to make given that there aren’t many of us gals writing on this forum.

I liked the ‘sexy’ comment.

Yup well I don’t leave home with a uni if I’m not wearing protective gear. Really for me it comes down to Superstition. The way things have worked for me is that when I wear the protective stuff, I hardly ever take a dangerous fall but the one time, with other sports at least, I get causual and don’t wear the stuff, POOF just like that, a ‘nasty unexpected’ happens… I get hurt. So I wear the stuff. Hey, it is just as much a part of getting ready to ride for me as putting on my Vans. So I never have to give any thought to ‘should I wear the stuff today or not?’. I’m into the habit and, knock on wood, no injuries uni’ing so far!


RE: Erin’s helmet

> I started with no protection;

Got blood. Every day I learn something else.

I was just going to free mount a couple of times, between getting the uni
out of the boot (trunk) and putting it inside, so naturally I didn’t bother
padding up. What could happen right?

An hour later I learned that the tyre can slip on the road if you’re crap at
turning. Skin is a good, if consumable (does that make it a renewable
resource?), lubricant.



After a day of MUni (or an occasional unexpected crash on the street), you will understand. After making it a habit, you don’t notice the gear, but (if you push the limits of safety, which makes it fun) you will fall often enough that you WILL be injured if you have no gear. We should all be encouraging safety gear instead of knocking it. It makes a dangerous sport much safer.

Excellent habit, Erin!!!

Murhpy’s Law - If you’re not prepared (or protected), chances are greatly increased that you will wish you were!

That’s very true, you have to wear enough padding for the danger level you’re intending to attempt.

I never wore wristguards when I was coker commuting through London, because I wasn’t going to fall off. Falling off on major roads would be a big time screw up, I wasn’t going to ride anywhere near that danger level and not having any guards is a good reminder of this.

Whereas when I’m doing anything more than popping down the shops I tend to push the speed and level of what I’m riding quite a lot and a wrist injury would be a really bad thing to happen, so wristguards always. I’m even thinking of maybe getting some leg pads to increase my confidence at trying stupid things.


Point well taken, guys, When I start the Muni thing next summer I will go ahead and do the helmet, wrist-guards, and shinguards. I seldom wear a helmet now, as i’m not going very fast, but maybe it’s time I started putting on some gear. I’m getting good enough on the coker to see how fast it can go, and the psychological effect of knowing there is something between me and the emergency room would make such an outing a lot more fun. thanks, carjug
ps. I wasn’t making fun of the helmet, I think it looks fabulous!

the more importaint question might be where’s that bears helmet?!?

I didn’t start regularly wearing a helmet until I started riding on the trails here in CA. Though it couldn’t have hurt on my Michigan and New York trails, they were generally a lot less rocky, with a lot less vertical. But any time I’m riding on rocks, or near any kind of dropoff, the helmet is a must. In the case of MUni (or Trials), it’s not about speed, but about what you could land on.

I also don’t ride by big wheel or Coker (or bike) anymore without one. This is for the two danger factors there; speed, and cars. Speed can lead to hard crashes, and cars can be unpredictable and lead to crashes you don’t cause yourself.

My second most important protection item is gloves or wristguards, followed by kneepads. I usually don’t wear more than that myself, but I probably will if I get more into Trials. I wear my Roach leg armor for rocky or difficult trails.

I wear my armor even when i freestyle! (i use my trials uni though)

If i didnt wear my leg protection I’d probably be unicycling with false legs.(not really but it sure seems that way sometimes). Good metal pedals with pins will eat your legs for breakfast.

sorry erin - it was a typo.

I know I’m going to push myself beyond my limitations whenever I ride, it’s one of the things I really enjoy. Therefore I know I’m going to seriously hurt myself, this I don’t mind because I know it’ll heal, that said I figure that reducing the damage as much as possible is a good idea.

I learnt to unicycle with just cycling shorts. Ive found CoolMax to be the best!

I now wear really good cycling gloves, but no leg or arm/wrist protection. I was thinking about gettin some 661s or woteva off roger, but i dont really need them that much. I dont do really mad stuff, but when i do, i shall get some.

My worst fall was at BUC9, when me, simon (mcandrew) and Adam (wilcox) found a mountain biker when we were out on a MUni ride. The MTBer knew the forest really well, and took use on some kool downhill streches. Me being me, went as fast as i could, but found my self coasting down this huge hill, untill me leg hit my metal pedals, and kept bagging at them. There was blood everywere. It didnt hurt to bad, so i just stayed, and like we were in the middle of a forest. LOL

That will be all.