Erik Winterfeldt Trial (street)

New film from us. Enjoy


That was sick man! :smiley: Loved every single clip!

How old are you?

That is absolutely unbelievable. The jump height and skinny skills you guys have at such a young age would be impressive for anyone. Keep riding and I think you guys will be pushing this sport to new levels someday!

Wow Guys! Awesome stuff. You have some serious skills- the fact that you all are so young makes it even more impressive. Keep it up- I look forward to seeing what you end up doing in the sport. Keep riding, keep having fun.


They just keep getting better :D:D Keep em commin :sunglasses:

lol they get that on like every vid :stuck_out_tongue:
That would put him at ~ 15

Im 15

Dude that was incredible! Keep at it and you’ll be the next Kris Holm in no time :smiley: