Erik TRIAL 2011

HEllo here is my new vid!

Please drop a comment.

Wow your so good!!! Great video little dude! Your much better than me a many things :slight_smile: How old are you? Loved every line! :smiley:

Woah, this was sick! How old are you? You’re seriously good dude :smiley:

This is a real cool video man! Your riding is nice to watch.
I like the drop/gap at 4:06!
And your lines are cool. I’m not riding trial but I would like to ride in your garden. :wink:

Wow, you’re awesome at trials! Very cool video.

wow, great trials skills there! i imagine you will be one of the trials beasts of the not too distant future. would love to see a video of you on a trip to somewhere with nice scenery :slight_smile: backyard with pallets shows off skills well but gets a bit boring :stuck_out_tongue:

good stuf!! :slight_smile:


Sweet video! Your skills are quite impressive :wink:

nice video, your skills are amazing

You’re already very technical :). Amazing!

Impressive at such an age!!!
Great precision at skinnies!
Thanks for making me smile!:smiley:
Can’'t wait for the next…

You’re really crazy technical dude! :smiley: Your skinny skills are amazing at your age! I loved it! :smiley:
I wonder what’s your highjump record?
I think you should get some new shoes for riding :stuck_out_tongue: IMO running shoes are pretty bad, get some 5.10’s or some Nike 6.0’s! They are the best for unicycling (to most people), I’d say some 5.10’s for you since you’re a trial unicyclist, mostly :slight_smile:

Awesome! I really liked how technical all the lines were, there’s some stuff in that video I never did! Keep it up, you got crazy skills.


Awsome technical skills :sunglasses:

He’s 14, unless he’s had a birthday since September
Post 8

You are very good keep it