Erector set Muni

Bored this morning and am sick and its cruddy and have report due on the 7th so i takes a break wif my erector set and makes a uni out of spare parts. Check out the gallery to see pics. Im lazy o im not gunna post. But i will have a new exciting Flash vid for ll to veiw in…soon.

does it look like this?


Hey jagur - very interesting… I like it. Did you make (or have made) the dropouts or can they be bought somewhere?

Is this frame for sale too?

That has Steve Howard written all over it. He experimented with some scrap stainless box or L stock that he had. Look at the high-end bearing holders and axle on the otherwise junkyard frame.

For the story on that ugly frame check out these three threads:
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I remember that frame well. Steve Howard talking about how ugly it was and all of us saying, “if you don’t want it, I’ll take it!”
We’re such SH leeches. :smiley: