Equipment for Mounting Camera to Unicycle

Hi All,

Just bought a GoPro HD Hero 960 and was wondering where people get the poles and clamps (etc) for mounting cameras on their unicycle / helmet/

In addition, what are your favorite views. To me it seems most effective to just put the camera on a tripod and ride past it.

Use Case: I’ll be using this to videotape me and my family doing downhill muni stuff.

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GoPro sells a seat post / handlebar mount.

For the bar, lunicycle uses a Bar Xtender.

Though coincidentally it looks like his just broke.

I have been using an aluminum stem from a folding bike.

Unfortunately the handlebar stem isn’t meant to clamp onto the seat post diameter, but it’s close and it works. A tiny bit small. It leaves some marks through.




Here’s a better pick of the stem I use:

It’s a bit longer than the Topeak Bar Xtender.
Last weekend I went to Schenectady, NY for a muni only race. I’m in the process of editing some video from that.

My favorite view is pointing forward with the top of the tire in the bottom of the scene. It captures the muni experience best.