Equinox light hub

Hi everybody,

I was browsing UDC when I got surprised by the Nimbus Equinox LT hub weight of 368g !!

It seems that is hub equips two freestyle unis and one street.

The description says no jumping or trial. But you can have plenty of fun in the trails (even more the ones going down) without doing any major drop :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Has anybody used this hub in the trails and got some feedback on it (good or bad). It looks like a cheap way of going lighter instead of going with titanium hubs. The question is: is it a real no-no except for freestyle and road ? Or is it a real alternative for moderate use ?

What’s the point of an ISIS hub if you can’t use it for trials? Honest question.

I would say large choice of cranks in size/price/features and an interface hub/crank that do not wear down as easily under use when pedaling off-road.

Trial, to its basic meaning, is jumping on and off objects (natural or not). It is a uni-climbing. Usually the drops are 3 ft high or more.

On the other hand, idling by bunny hops or the drops you can have riding downhill (except throwing yourself off some small cliffs) are usually under 2ft.

In the end, the main risk I see with a lightweight hub is to bend or break the axle. But if it takes over 200# dropping from 5 ft, it is something I can easily live with and benefit from then weight save. If, on the other hand, just hopping off a curb while weighting 140# break the hub, it will be well left for freestyle only.

That is why I poll through this thread to see what are other riders experiences :slight_smile:

I agree with the above. Could be a viable alternative to a TI hub.

If no one comments here with experience, you may consider calling UDC and asking for Josh. In the past he’s been very helpful and fairly realistic when I asked about different components and their durability.

m41 makes tough alu hubs, right? So then it seems possible for nimbus to do the same.

ask to Roger directly !

Emile had it and it broke on the first day. He just went to grind a tiny 4 set i think. Snap the axel clean off. The m41 hubs arent ISIS standard. They are larger in diameter and made of a different alu. For riding trails I honestly dont think you are gonna notice the difference in weight with the hub, especially if you are just riding “gently” with it.

You’re wrong !
M4O makes ISIS hubs too, CROMO or Aluminum, I have 2 of us and I’m riding standard ISIS cranks

yeah they made them for a short while. Not many people know about them to be honest. What most people know about the m41 ergal hubs are the current ones and they have a different pin interface.

How are the two holding up that you have? I havent really heard much about the ergal ISIS hubs that marco made a while back.

M4O ISIS hubs are still available http://www.cdk.fr/monocycle/pieces-detachees/axes--moyeux-1104/cara-marque-mad4one-13614.html and were still in production last year for sure, I’m pretty sure they are still currently produced

I’m not severe at all so no issue with this hub except spoke beakage due to small flanges but after discussions with Marco from M40 I think this issue is now solved for me :

  • Flanges holes for spokes are 2.9mm and you have to use 2.3mm spokes (13G) instead of usual 2mm (14G) but in this case the nipple is more sensitive (it was KH standard with 2008 steel hub)
  • So Marco recommended to use butted SAPIM Strong spokes which are 2.3mm on elbow side and 2mm on nipple side, they are existing in silver and black http://www.sapim.be/spokes/butted/strong

Josh at UDC used the Aluminum 36er hub on the prototype Oregon; he twisted the spindle.

Perhaps for XC with no out of the seat cranking, but really you should just buy the Ti hub.

Breaking hubs sucks.

^+1 on that, I’ve done it and it is no fun! Where you notice weight is on the outside of the wheel in the tire or the rim.

Jacob, I am not sure everything you are quoting is correct:

M41 and the Nimbus hubs are made from the same aluminium. The M41 uses a fancy name, that is all. ERGAL is a trade name for 7075 aluminium.

All the m41 hubs I have seen have the same spindle sizes and can use the standard ISIS bearings. They are the same. If you check the Mad4One site they claim the hubs are actually ISIS.

The hub is one of the heaviest single components on a unicycle, although it is in the centre of the wheel and hence is only marginal in the effects when the wheel is spinning. It will of course be noticeable on jumping as you are lifting the whole unicycle.

Any aluminium hub will fatigue and fail. This makes them unsuitable for jumping with for anything other than in competition. Please note that I suggest that includes flatland as crank flips can be one the most brutal force that is applied to a hub.

My suggestion… keep aluminium spindles for freestyle, road, racing, hockey and basketball. Use CrMo spindles for anything that involves jumping or if you are heavy on the wheel.


Hi Roger,

thank you very much for your detailed explanations and advices =)

Hey Roger,

When I was referring that the diameter of the hub being larger I was making a reference to the new reinforced hubs that mad4one are currently making. They feature a different pin pattern and are not isis compatible.

And you can ride as hard as you want with an aluminium hub, ive been riding with them and never have had one fail on me for over 2.5 years now. Granted i weigh 140lbs and have a smooth riding style. If you get a chance you should look at the new mad4one hubs, they are really interesting and if you can afford them I highly suggest getting one.




I also have been riding aluminium hubs since before their introduction by Nimbus 5years ago. This even includes my muni’s. I have never broken any either, I am also a smooth rider.

This does not change my conclusion, as a retailer and designer. I will stick with my recommendations that they should be used appropriately and if your style includes jumping then use CrMo.


Roger, please have a look of the different M4O splines : ISIS 22mm and 6 pins 25mm


Thank you Didier.

The Mad4One website does not show the 25mm version, it only shows the ISIS (hence me giving the link) and the Mad4One stock in the UK is only the ISIS.