Epic Fails!

As awesome and impressive as we are with unicycling, it is the result of determination, perseverance, and many EPIC FAILS! I think it is a time we have a place to share our epic fails… errrr… Learning experiences. Please share those epic fails that you can’t help but laugh at yourself about.

Last weekend I was on my 36er doing a loop around the neighborhood. A biker caught up to me right before I started going up my last hill. I was keeping pace with him and he seemed like he took himself way too seriously… Needless to say, I had to say something. So I said, “come on man, I only have one wheel and am keeping up.” And then I lose my balance and have my worst UPD to date. As the biker came back to make sure I’m ok, I told him, “yeah, I probably deserved that.” How he didn’t crack a smile through this ordeal is beyond me…

Last summer, at the end of one of my longer rides, I was riding through town. The sun was beaming, and a few people in the crowd whistled n cheered for me. I thought I’d give them a laugh by riding through the floor fountains, but didn’t realise how slippery the smooth drain covers are when wet! My uni went from under me, and rolled itself easily 50m away down the street, while I was skidding through the fountains on my backpack :smiley:

Everybody cheered and laughed, and I jumped up and gave an extravagant bow to them all lol!

A few people in the crowd ran over to check I was ok, and a nice lady brought me my uni :slight_smile: