epic fail



Did you smack your chin on the platform as well as “the boys” getting a beating by the skinny?

Where’s your helmet?

yes, lol
I didn’t hurt that much actually, lol
I know, I should’ve weared a helmet.

Balls of steel!

damn that rail looks plain deadly anyway. not good to ride on when one of your drops is just a bunch of bars and crap to fall on lol

Haha, good thing you didn’t hurt yourself mate :)! Just had some bad luck with your back foot (slipped of bar?).

Auch… every time I shows things like this to a not-unicycling-friend he says “your unicyclistes doesn’t have any balls, else you wouldn’t be able to do that stuff” and I replies "you doesnt have any balls since else you would do this stuff :stuck_out_tongue: "…