Eou trials/street

Me and my roommate messing around on the eastern oregon university campus.

Solid riding :slight_smile: I liked the hops over the rocks at the end.

Woah riders in La Grande! haha it’s good to see there’s some decent riding out there. If you are ever up to the 4 hour drive My house is open to unicyclists pretty much whenever(as long as it’s planned a week or two ahead haha) There’s some decent trials out here too.

Thanks for the comments. Awesome yea if we ever make it up to portland you might have to show us some spots :smiley:

You might have to show me some too haha your other video has some spots I didn’t recognize. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey do you work at serious juggling? if so i’m pretty sure i met you a while back over the summer. If not then nevermind haha.

I used to work there yeah. haha Not anymore though.