Entry Level Muni - New $139 with free shipping

We have a source of entry level 20" Avenir Munis for a very reasonable price. They do not have splined hubs but do appear to be pretty rugged.

Check them out and other entry level unis we have in stock.

that needed to be straightened out. it has a luna on it.

can you source that tire to the US as well?
that would make a LOT of people very happy.

Thanks for the clarification. Our website has been amended to show it as MUni / Trials. Should I drop the MUni reference entirely? I’m not real clear on the difference. They both seem to need knobby tires and solid construction. If I get up the courage to try MUni at my age I’ll probably try one of these Avenirs.

To answer your question on the tire - I’m researching where I might be able to obtain it without the uni.

A 20" wheel is genreally considered too small to roll over obstacles easily, and also offer very low speeds. A 24" or larger is much easier to ride offroad and goes significantly quicker. 20" wheels are only used for Muni by children who are too small for a larger wheel. You wouldn’t take a BMX or mod triasl bike offroad if you could have a 26" MTB, the same applies to unicycles.

Trials - MUni

That makes sense. I amended our listing to read “Trials or Youth MUni Unicycle”

thats good.

UDC rates similar trials unis for “drops 10 inches or less by a 150 pound rider”. The only people I’ve heard of breaking parts were doing things like jumping off picknic tables and sets of 4 stairs. The exception is Reef (The Mars Volta), he has bent everything but his frame or rim, but he is doing a lot of hopping street tricks. In his vids he mostly rides on softer dirt and I would estimate him to be 120 lbs.

A full specs list would be good, how many spokes, bearing size, type of pedals, type of rim. If 36 spokes when cranks/hub break there are many brands to choose from (KH, KH/Onza, Koxx 1, Profile), if 48 must get Qu-Ax.

For trials most prefer a seat w/ a handle.

Good entry trials, esp for the price ($180 nimbus, $207 Qu-Ax)

Double post

its a standard squared taper crankset skilewis… so no need to know the make although it would be nice

The Nimbus Trials has a UDC Chromoly square taper hub which is way stronger than a standard steel square taper hub. So I wouldn’t recommend doing 10 inch drops on this unicycle.


More photos.

Here are a few more shots of the uni:

Is this the same unicycle you bought for $160 canadian and you said 2 months ago



I had a similar experience as Émile, bought a very similar looking unicycle for $190 CAN it served me well for about a year before I started to repeatedly wreck the cranks (The seat was horrid and I replaced it the first chance I had)

$140 is a good price for the unicycle and it will be an excellent uni to learn trials and regular riding.

I did a bit of MUni with it to but then i got a 26:D