entire list of possible sponsors


I’m getting together an entire list of sponsors that any unicyclist would like to have, on one thread.

so i will start the list with sixsixone.it seems that allot of unicyclist have been getting sixsixone sponsorship lately (muniaddict,littleman,and unidudedx just to name a few) (does anybody know the levels of 661’s sponsorship?)

please add any others that you are applying for or have :smiley:

(no i don’t have any sponsors this thread will help me also!)


P.S. will someone who knows, why have a sponsorship,what the “perks” of a sponsorships might be, and what you have to do when being sponsored for those who don’t know. (like me)

Have: Bedford

Others: KHU, K1, Qu-Ax, UTV, UDC, Kahero, RenegadeJuggling.

Basically any company is possible to get a sponsorship from.

could you give a list of links for peaple looking to be sponsored by them?

okay, considering i’m not up on anything non sixsixone sponsorship, all i can say is:

there are 3 levels fro 661, level one is basic thing you get, its 40% discounts. Level two is 60% discounts i think, level three is free stuff.

Sponsorship for me was just for financial support. I mean, small price to pay for discounts on things, where i can get my gear almost half off. Its really cool.

To be sponsored, you just need to be a walking commercial, make what your doing look fun, get the logo known, and look professional. At the least, I can’t say much for other sponsored riders. A lot of them are… well, flat out jerks. It happens I guess. Anyway, mainly, a sponsor wants someone who makes their brand look better, and will get it more known. They want you to introduce people into the sport, creating a need for the gear/unicycle.

I could, but I think that if they want to be sponsored by them they should have probably known about them before they look to represent them. Sponsorships are stupid if you only get discounts that you aren’t going to use/ save you less than 20$ in your riding career. Then they are just a way of showing off.

Edit: I don’t know if that sounded mean, but I didn’t mean it to.

nah, it’s cool, and a verry good point. but still it is a list of sponsors… links would help.

(i know it sounds like i’m looking for sponsorship but i’m doing this for alot of other people to.)

People have a weird view on sponsorship, most people seem to be interested in it mostly for bragging rights, which is sort of silly.

When your sponsored you represent a company, and what you do reflects them. Companies will sponsor you if they think that you will help them do what they want (get more publicity, make people think about them differently, that sort of stuff). Why should a company want to hire you to represent them, what can you do for them? How can they help you? (instead of just maybe a discount on products?) Also, when you ride for a company you represent what they represent, so make sure that you agree with how they function and what they do.

If you are making a list on potential companies you want to represent it should be a personal thing, what companies do you like, which ones would you want to represent, or agree with? How can these companies help you and how can you help them?

My $0.02,

edit: I pretty much am saying the same thing that Pele said…

Maxxis are open for Sponsorships ( was anyway )


also a verry good point. i see sponsors as a way to get unicycling away from its previous “clown” phase and into a respectable extreme sport in mainstream sports.

Exactly. Thats a point also why the (or your) company wants to be there. Ask what not your sponsor can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your sponsor.

Ride for the sake of riding, get sponsored for money issues (that most of us have) (thanks G.W.)

I thank my sponsor, i couldn’t have asked more. And i plan to do A LOT for them.

I dont ride to show off or anything. I have a few reasons, because its stupid and irrisponsible, and a lot of people on the forums wll get mad at you.

yeah. My $0.03 haha!

I am sponsored by 661.

And pele, I don’t completely see your point of view.

I mean sure, people get sponsorships to “brag”, which is kind of steriotypical - not all of us have that reason, although some dont mean it when they say they aren’t bragging. What if some of us are short on cash and just need to save a few bucks? I mean, a basic sponsorship from 661 gives you 40 dollars off of 100…

Saving 40 dollars may not seem like a lot, but it sure adds up.

I am not one of the select few who have a sponsorship for braging rights. I struggle financially, paying for all my own things unicycle related. and when I can get a few dollars off, then I see no shame in that.

In addition to this, sponsorships don’t just make the company look good, or the rider… They make the sport as a whole look better, which is part of why people like to let non riders know they are sponsored.

If you get discounted stuff like some skaters do, then they may have a bigger respect for the sport.

Maybe some people here have just forgotten what its like to ride for over a year with gloves that should have been replaced when they got they’re first little rip.

We’ve all put in our 2 cents (thanks miles :slight_smile: ) now, lets get back on topic before this thread gets over filled with comments that virtually mean nothing to the person who disagrees.

Hmm… As far As i’m concerned, there are:

Kris Holm Unicycles

And thats all I can really think of… All the sponsors i’m aware of anyways.

and then there is always your local bike shop. (terry :wink: )

“Possible” sponsors? Why limit yourself? Look at the list of sponsors for Ride the Lobster. Their logos appear down the sides of most pages. Anyone is a potential sponsor.

You can really see this if you look at some more mainstream sports, like NASCAR. Lots of those teams are sponsored by companies that have absolutely nothing to do w/ racing or cars.

If you are able to attract and get a mainstreem company, then you pass up just getting discounts and start getting paid for expenses. Like KH being sponsored by NORCO who only make bikes.

Some of the big ?'s are: Why should a company sponsor you? What can you do for them? Why do you need it? What are you going to do w/ the money (preferably related to getting more positive exposure for them)?

Edit: There are several interviews here that gives ideas about the mindset w/ sponsorship and things Ryan Leach does (like 200+ demos a year).

Norco was probably the dominant brand of unicycles in Canada before the KH brand came along. They were the Canadian equivalent of CyclePro and other distributors of Taiwanese unicycles.

I don’t see the logic of sponsoring a uni team

We all know that a "Tide car "runs in Nascar . Basically, it’s a rolling billboard for Tide detergent, and it makes a lot of sense, for Tide detergent’s ad department.

Unicycling races have a very low viewership IMHO. So if I was running an ad campaign, I would see 8 million beans for Tide Nascar exposure, and maybe no network coverage at all for a uni race. Zero beans=no stew=no profit.

I don’t mean to be a pessimist. Perhaps a uni race will catch the public eye, for instance, the 36 " guni is elevating the level of the sport somewhat. We are all fans, so we can’t fairly judge how interesting this is to the masses.

Sponsorships follow the camera and the public eye.

I don’t see unicycling as being at that level now. RTL is a super cool event , and I think the riders are going to have a blast:) , and are doing a lot to advance our sport.:slight_smile:

We just aren’t "there"yet though. Until the viewership of our sport rises, sponsorship cash will be thin. Unless you can get the CEO’s daughter to fall in love with you (seriously, this is worth a try;) ), they go by market exposure numbers.:frowning: Bean counters with no love of uni at all. So the NFL’s 500 th best player will earn a salary in 6 figures. But the world’s greatest uni rider (?)
doesn’t make a living by virtue of that.

This is much like juggling, not presently understood by the public as an interesting competitive sport, so no interest builds in the populous at large as to who will win. :roll_eyes:

When that changes, and there is serious air time for our sport, then, and only then, will the sponsor cash really flow.:slight_smile:

The Sky is the Limit

Any company or person can give a sponsorship. Here in Israel I know of a guy who got a sponsorship from the company that operates a toll road. The Cross Israel Highway offered him 3,000 Shekels (about $900) and a new KH29 to ride the length of a new section on openning day. Not a bad deal for a half day ride!