Entertaining unicycling video

We received this interesting video today. It’s about the singer, but it features a unicyclist. I think he’d be a bit saddle-sore.

This was posted like two days ago :). But good video.

That would have been much more interesting if I wouldn’t have been annoyed the whole time at his stupid hand sticking out there to keep himself balanced…he looked like a dolt.

I was thinking the same the whole way through that, annoying

Anybody know if that’s the singer doing the riding? If he’s a musician he should get a pass on being a beginner unicyclist.

And his lame choice of unicycle… metal bumpers and lolipops! Yes, to us unicyclists, his riding posture makes him look uncomfortable for the entire 170+ miles he needed to get there. Ow. But as a music video, I thought it was quite nice for its genre.

I hated the music, lol jk, yea he just rides around the whole time, little boring.

Yep, he is from New York, and his honey named Jackie.

Not on rsu it wasn’t, thanks to the borked gateway.

I enjoyed it.

Here…4 days ago in rsu.

That’s not rsu, that’s the web forum that usually has a gateway to rsu.

rsu being a usenet newsgroup, not a web forum.

In other words, for those of you late to the party, this forum is named after the (usenet) newsgroup called rec.sport.unicycling.