enslave a freewheel?

Is there an easy way to make a freewheel not free?
I want to make a bike into a giraffe unicycle, and Im sure people have done it.
and if I get some awesome information about this, I will make a crappy webpage with instructions on how to turn your bike into a unicycle, becuase there needs to be one of those.

If you want to temporarily “lock” the freewheel, just zip tie the cogset to the spokes and you can always cut them off later to free it up again

I imagine it could be done with a quantity of Loc-tite

if you’ve got a disc compatible hub but aren’t using disc brakes, then you can do this

A little bit of welding inside the hub locks the freewheel. But be careful with the bearings or you might get a giraffe you can only use as a pogostick :wink:

i made a 6ft giraffe out of a BMX about 5yrs ago and its still going strong.

i am on university hols at the mo and my giraffe is still at uni, when i get back i will take some pics and post them up for you (i will have them up by 10th jan-04)

but for a quick answer welding the freewheel is the best way. loctite doesnt work (well it didnt for me), well it did work for about 100m then it failed and i came crashing down on the base of my back and got some quite bad bruising.

as i say i will put up some pics in the new year (i will put a post up to say where they are)