Enough Doe pt.1


Here is the first part of two of my new video. It’s pretty much a fun video so don’t except crazy ass riding and editing but I bet you’ll have a good time watching the video.

Sorry, there is some parts in english and some in french

Please leave comments, pt.2 coming later.

Awesome riding! But what did the guy say at :54? I can’t read French, but was it something like “You’re going to bang your head”? :thinking: :p:D

It was awesome, even though it was a fun video. Kept my attention the whole way through, more vids need to be like this.

Ahahah ! Yeah pretty much, the guy was like 7 feet tall and walked under a quite low roof, and one of us said : “He’s going to hit his head”.

Awesome, awesome vid. Julien at the end was soooo funny ! I had no idea of what he was saying live. You shouldn’t have put that part of the clip with the cone. And you said “STOP!” instead of “JUMP!”. Green fits you better than me (but it looks like I have big muscles, which Julien likes). Your trials line at Viger was very clean. “Being attacked by a unicycle - Émile Mathieu” ! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all folks. Can’t wait for part 2 (Actually, I don’t know why I say I can’t wait, we all know I will be able to wait for it…).


haha thanks for the comment guys :slight_smile: It’s fun to know it’s appreciated!

Part 2 is coming this week, I’m already done editing, I just need to render & upload it.

Agreed one of the better videos watched in a awhile. Some nice tricks/skills, just enough humor, and sick editing.

Look forward to more

You just can make a bad video, can you?:stuck_out_tongue: All your videos are so good!:smiley:

I especially liked the shots from 0:23 to 0:28 and 0:31 to 0:34. This video was so enjoyable to watch:)

Thanks guys. Part 2 is now online, a little less unicycling footage, still enjoying. I hope you watched all Shaun Johanneson’s videos (you’ll understand)

I suggest you watch on Youtube or Vimeo (not embeded) or the subtitles will be to tiny.


2:14 u were lucky
2:32 u got lucky :wink: hahaha

i <3 fun vids

watching part 2 now

haha shaun j parts were really well done. and that 6 pack was nice :wink:

haha that high chick was funny! and is it just me or is her normal-state-of-mind friend giving u lots of smiles? :wink:
funny girls haha

@ 2:14 yeah, pretty much =p

@ 2:32 AHAHAHHA, I didn’t know it was that clip at 2:32 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Isaac :slight_smile:

EDIT: As for the 6 pack part, I was also reffering to Shaun’s vid (he does that in Maps Pilf).

Ahaha, I’m cool it worked out well.

I missed the greatest part of her speach tho… anyway, I think her friend was just laughing of her, but with me, rather than in her face lol.

well. to me it was pretty damn good riding. enjoyed watching it.

awesome! i’ll rate 5/5 on youtube

what’s that mp3 player of yours? is that a zune? i’ve been looking for ipod alternatives.

Ahah, ok than :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you =)

Yes, it’s a Zune, but you should get an Ipod, it’s better. (But let’s stay on the topic)

I really liked the videos and I’m happy to see that there is no subtitles about what I’m saying in part 1.

Perfect editing! :slight_smile:

Good job Emile!!

Cool vids :sunglasses:

Thanks for the English subtitles in the second vid. They didn’t always make perfect sense, but it was always enough to get the idea, WAY better than my attempts at googling the text from the first vid.

Fun videos with good riding rock! :sunglasses: Love both parts! Weird girl at the end :smiley:

Émile, awesome video as always!! The editing was awesome, and the actual riding was too.

hahahahaha, and when did you take the video of the girls? did you meet them again after I left or something? hahaha

@ Kapoute: Hahah, it’s pretty much an inside from Monotréal people so the people who can’t understand what you say do not really have something to do with that part. Merci pour le comm. Juju.

@ Skilewis: What do you mean by not making sens? I was making fun of Shaun’s vid everytime I talked, so, if you havn’t seen all Shaun Johanneson’s vid, you couldn’t get the jokes… and thanks =)

@ Smilymarco: I’m glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

@ Max: Thanks Max. Yeah, Julien was attempting that sidehop (where he hit his head on the tree) and they came out of nowhere saying «HEY, IT’S MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS!»

omg i used to love that vid! is it still online somewhere? i wana c it again!

and u taste yummy XD. not like the gum after she took a drag on the fag