Enough already (formerly: Re: The politician within UNICON)

I agree with the previous two writers in this string in their assertion that the
anarchist’s attack on J. Foss was offensive. The tone of the e-mail was a bit
brazen and arrogant. I wish this whole thing would end. Short of that, though,
I’d like to see John and Alberto work this out via one on one correspondence,
and not over the newsgroup.

The newsgroup is a great place for getting information and sharing ideas about
unicycling. For those of us who’ve never attended an NUC or a UNICON, or ridden
through the English countryside on a Coker, Ruiz’ reports on the artistic
competitions and S. Miller’s narratives are gems. It is probably a bit arrogant
and brazen on my part to request this (I’m a poor to fair unicyclist who has
never attended an officially sanctioned unicycle event), but I’d just as soon
see this string dropped. I don’t want the last word; I just want it to end.

Thanks for taking this input into consideration.

Carl Trachte Morenci, Arizona, USA

Arthur Doerksen wrote:
> Well said, Greg! John freely gives an amazing amount of time and energy to
> advancing unicycling here and abroad, and ad hominem attacks reveal a lack of
> appreciation and class.
> Arthur Doerksen
> “Greg House” <ghouse@southwind.net> wrote in message
> news:968084691.659612926@news.onemain.com
> > On Sat, 02 Sep 2000, Cre9ive@aol.com wrote:
> > >Mr. President, rather than waste bandwidth responding to the myriad
> > > absurdities and misconceptions contained in your recent response, I’ll
> just
> > >make a few short comments and leave it at that. Feel free to have the
> last
> > >word. :wink:
> >
> > Whether John responds or not, I find it hard to read this kind of a post
> > without responding myself. I have not responded to any of the previous
> posts
> > because I am not an IUF member and was not involved with UniconX, but it
> > irritates me to see someone abused in this manner, especially when his
> > responses have been well reasoned and gratious.
> >
> > There was absolutely nothing in his post concerning this issue which was
> > “absurd” or “misconceived”. There is no cause for you to use derisive
> language
> > to make your point. I suggest you refrain from the personal attacks, it
> would
> > serve your side of the argument much better.
> >
> > >First, none of this was a political issue until you, el presidente, went
> to
> > >great lengths to build it into one. In typical grandiose political
> fashion,
> > >you took a relatively harmless and insignificant incident and blew it out
> of
> > >all proportion.
> >
> > This is a ridiculous statement. The act of raising a banner decrying a
> > political situation can be considered nothing BUT political. Whether you
> > with the sentiment expressed or not, if it has to do with the interaction
> of
> > two countries, it is by definition POLITICAL.
> >
> > Personally, I agree with the Puerto Rican’s cause. The United States has
> > absolutely no business using their country as a weapons test facility.
> This
> > type action reminds me of the Biblical story the prophet Nathan told Kind
> David
> > to convict him of the injustice of something he’d done, a poor man had
> only one
> > sheep, a rich man lived nearby - who owned huge flocks of sheep. The rich
> man
> > wanted to have a celebration, so he went and stole the poor man’s only
> sheep.
> > Absolutely and total injustice.
> >
> > BUT…this is the interaction of two countries and it IS a POLITICAL
> > interaction. That is what the word means. You can’t deny what it is just
> > because you agree with the statement.
> >
> > >Why? I don’t know, nor will I speculate. I just ask that you cease and
> > >desist from making it an issue any longer so the NG can return
> to
> > >the topic of unicycling. Just because it’s your pet peeve, doesn’t mean
> > >everyone else is concerned. Was it in bad taste, perhaps, but then so are
> > >plaids and prints when mixed. No big deal.
> >
> > John has clearly stated his valid concerns about making political
> statements a
> > part of IUF events. I agree, it is not the arena to present this type
> thing.
> > Just as I should not ride in with a banner saying “Free Tibet” or "Save
> the
> > Whales". Even if I believed strongly in these things, it’s the wrong forum
> to
> > present them.
> >
> > >"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and
> > >thus clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series
> > >of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
> > > H.L. Mencken
> >
> > This quote is entirely misdirected. John is trying to protect the
> organization
> > and the hosts. If politics come into the events, the countries willing to
> host
> > them may incrementally decline. Just because nobody at the event
> complained
> > doesn’t mean that there wasn’t anyone who thought the action was
> questionable.
> >
> > >Third, it’s a bad idea to lecture on subjects you have no real working or
> > >first hand knowledge of, like free speech, or freedom generally. It just
> > >makes you appear foolish. Freedom isn’t anything like what you or most
> > >americans think. What you and most americans accept is "freedom on a
> leash."
> > >Real freedom is self-control, no more, no less. Stick to the subject of
> > >unicycling, at least then you can speak from genuine personal experience.
> >
> > This isn’t about freedom, free speech, or free press. This is about what
> is
> > appropriate at a unicycling event. I believe this should be decided by the
> > organizers of the event, and those in authority over the organization.
> That is
> > John’s elected position and it is correct for him to take this sort of
> action.
> >
> > From the messages I have read, it is not John Foss who is blowing the
> > situation out of proportion, it is you.
> >
> > Greg

RE: Enough already (formerly: Re: The politician within UNICON)

> I wish this whole thing would end.

The other night Jacquie and I went out for Chinese food. We got these two
fortunes in our cookies:

  1. An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.

  2. You love peace.

These came at an opportune good time. Thanks to everyone who helped, and to all
who offered their opinions either here or on the iuf-discuss mail list.

We brought out the ugly animal known as politics, and look what it did. It
effectively knocked down half the furniture and made a mess in our e-living
room. Time to put it back where it belongs.

IUF will work on some kind of a policy statement, but any discussion of
that will take place among the directors, or on iuf-discuss. Back to
growing the sport…

Stay on top, John Foss President, International Unicycling Federation President,
Unicycling Society of America (reply to jfoss@unicycling.com)

Re: Enough already (formerly: Re: The politician within UNICON)

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Subject: Enough already (formerly: Re: The politician within UNICON)

> I wish this whole thing would end. Short of that, though, I’d like to see John
> and Alberto work this out via one on one correspondence, and not over the
> newsgroup.
That is exactly what I would like. Although John and I obviously disagree with
this, we are good friends and have worked togother effectively in many
unicycling projects. I suspect that the reason that John has not replied is
because he shares this feeling.

This is a minor thing that John and I can solve through private E-Mails.

Alberto Ruiz