Enligsh revisors for Unicycle website needed!


Hey anyone willing to join my website team?! It’s a unicycle portal with articles, interviews and more!

I need an English Revisor. I’m translating texts and some I wrote in English, but my english is pretty poor and there are grammar erros. I need someone to revise that!

You win a profile in the website with you pic, your job on the website, age, hobbies and modalities you do…

Miles is currently translating some stuff but he a bit busy too and there’s some stuff like this month interview that should be revised Soon as possible!

Anyone up?! If you’re let me know! PM, MSN, Skype or AIM! Also can mail me: tejex777@hotmail.com

I need that pretty fast cause I’m traveling next wedenesday and I must have the website online!

There are about 10 texts. All are already in english and some are quite small.

I also can offer an email on our site: @unicycle.com.br


Hey Guys!

Jeremy is on the team and helping a lot, but I still have stuff to revise…

If anyone else is up let me know!

I wouldn’t mind doing some bits for you if it helps, I’m pretty good with grammar/spelling etc. Drop me an email at davidmarshall100 att gmail dott com

Hey Thanks Guys!

Kington99, I will send an email, and request some infos to make a small profile if you want!


Hey Jeremy!

Spencer changed some stuff ont the flat article and miles revised too… I will send the newer one…

Im pretty awesome at english if you still need some help! I would love to help out in anyway.

Hey, if you need a norwegian translator I will help you :smiley:

Thanks Guys!

Until now I have enough translator! I may contact you tomorrow cause I will have at least more 5 texts :frowning: about unicycling styles…

If you’re a unicyclist and really into a style we still need a text for:


Also one about unicycling history. i’m planning to write all but if someone wants I can send the model of Flat that I already wrote with Spencer and you can make. You also got the credits and your profile on the website!

Effi, nice! That’s the spirit, the main idea of the site! I will instal norwegian in our site system, and if you want to translate let me know!

You don’t have to do all texts in a single day, you can do when you want. You also get a profile on the website :smiley:

For people who are helping: If you want to have an accoun on the website, let me know. You can control different stuff and post news, articles and translations!

Thanks Again,


You can just send me some texts and I will translate it as fast as I can:D

Wait, we’re with a component problem on the site. I already instaled Norwegian. I will contact you to teach you how to translate on the website! It’s easier and it keeps the original structure!

There’s a system for translation :smiley:

Hey just tell me if you need me to do anything.

If you need anything else revised, let me know. I’ve won a couple spelling bees, and I consider myself pretty darn good with grammar. Just send me something you need revised and give me some instructions on what you want done. I’ll PM you my e-mail address.