Enjoy the ride!

My last video!


A lot of trial, a bit of street and a little of waterflat:) !!

Please, comment this vid!

Sorry for my english, I’m french.



Whoa!!! Are you sponserd? Can you teach me rolling hops? Your gaps are INSANE!!!

wow nice stuff, diggin the song.

you’ve got some mad rolling hops and gaps.

go seat in trials!

That was impressive. The only time you went SIF was for the water spins at the end, no?

one word: sweet! when were you in amsterdam? looks like the A8 skatepark under the bridge… really nice edit and general flow in the vid

Wow, huge roll hops to poles must be really hard. I am going to work on my roll hops, this was insane.

those gaps were awesome!
also the rolling hop up the rail at 56 seconds
that skatepark looked like i must get there once^^

Wow! I loved it. That song was awesome, as were some of those rolling hops - holy crap. That pedal grab of yours is insanely quick.

Best, video I seen in a while.

excellant job on everything.

I lost my motivation after this vid, you are fantastic :smiley: !

This was awesome, good job!

Really good video. You have some crazy hops

wow thats an amazing video! one of my favorites. the song went well too i think.

Nice one mate! Best video I’ve seen for ages. Really chilled out!


It did the opposite for me, even though I’m more into Muni.

This was really refreshing. Video quality was nice, the music fitted well; not only that, I really liked the song. Loved the variation of places and, not to be forgotten, your riding - it was insane!

Now I have to work on those rolling hops…

Sweet Vid Loved the relaxed feel of it.

you are amazing. so quick with the pedal grabs. and you did go seat out for one of those logs in the beggiing. haha

MASSIVE rolling gaps.

I need to get out and ride.


That was cool. Rolling hops! Screw seat out, looks foolishly terrible compared to a smooth rolling hop.

Water Monkey kick? Scary haha.