Enicycle - Very cool!

I have not seen this posted but it is very cool!



Looks like it would be the utimate unit for coasting.

More compact than Segway…I can only imagine what you can do with such technology.

That’s a KH saddle isn’t it? :slight_smile: hehe

Pretty fun apparatus.

I love the way he says riding a unicycle is “impossible”:smiley:

I SOOO want an Enicycle!!!

I’d get one. Apparently they are going to be produced in the summer. Maybe if they aren’t going to be too expensive (hoping they set a price of $400 - $500) I would get one. And here’s the website http://enicycle.com/what.html

That is so cool.
Lean forward to speed up. (Wheel needs to catch up.)
Lean back to slow down… sounds like I heard that somewhere before. :slight_smile:

I’d love to try one out.

I wonder if he “borrowed” from Trevor’s Electric Unicycle?

I imagine they will be more than $400-500 given that Trevor’s cost around $1500.

There are some other threads on this. The assumption many of us have made is “probably”, which we assume is what Trevor wants. And yes, $400-500 is a pipe dream. A Schlumpf hub costs what, $1000? These would have a lot more parts to make. Let’s see if the designer gets funding to make them first, but if the price is under $1500 I’ll be very happy…

“lean forward”…i don’t understand!!


I still want to build one… I believe Trevor’s design is open source, or at least the software :smiley:

Kris Holm Saddle - Good Catch!

Yep that was a yellow Kris Holm Saddle. Seems like the guy is also a unicyclist!

Good Catch Rui!


Might be vice versa. If you read down through “Trevor´s Electric Unicycle”, he provides a link to the Enicycle which gives its showcasing on the Gadget Show.

The attached Toyota i-Real concept car seems to operate on the same principle as Trevor´s or the Enicycle. I prefer the driver of the Toyota, however…:wink:


Car? How about high-speed wheelchair? Kind of a new category of transport, if it becomes popular. The comment on this vehicle when tested for BBC’s Top Gear TV show: “A great way for someone to get around town. Unless you’re fat.” (in which case you can’t fit in it) :slight_smile:


It’s not the Enicycle, but Focus Designs has brought their electric unicycle to market. Check it out!


The cycle has been featured on Mythbusters, but they’re a little scant on information and photos. I wouldn’t order one without requesting more of those first… Click around the site to learn more about it.

Superb stuff. But the dude on the SBU isn´t nearly as impressive a marketing tool as the girl on the Toyota Self-Balancing Mobile Armchair. I mean, compare the footwear…:wink: (Yikes! I just went to check the link on my previous post, and instead of a photo of a Cute Oriental Lady sitting on a Toyota Electric Armchair, I got a photo of an old Australian Lady bottle-feeding a baby Kangaroo…what the hell is happening with the world?)