Anyone from the southend on sea area in essex england because i want some people to go riding with man! i wonder if there are actually any riders i saw 3 guys riding down then high street once but…never again =[

nope, fraid not.

Hey I live near colchester… if you were ever willing to come down and meet me and… my other unicycling friends lol.


I’m same country lol

i am also in the same country:)

the same country club! :smiley:

My cousin lives down there. He and his friends ride and he runs a club:


meh… England is for poms

And Australia is for crimbos and abo’s. Which are you? :smiley:

does anyone else here live in wiltshure?

My Grandparents do, near Salisbury. Do you live there?

God an aussy

lol AUSSY!

please dont call us poms,i cant help being english isnt pom like pomme which is french for apple,

so how are english people apples…lol

right anyway


erm essex southend half these places are not close lol i live southend essex oui!

God ive had a bad day lol

So how are you guys

woops :smiley:

Local Unicyclists ?

Hi all, (Should have posted a new thread really but felt this was best)

I am a 19yo unicyclist who lives in North Nottinghamshire at the moment, but have family in Leicester! (including my younger brother who also rides)
So I am fairly free to travel that distance and anywhere within 20 miles or so of wither location :slight_smile:

I ride a 19" Nimbus Trials and just bought a 36" Qu-ax Road unicycle :smiley:

REEEAAALLLYYY hope somebody rides nearby, gets lonely by myself :frowning:

Thanks all, hope to hear from someone soon

You really shouldn’t call us poms. It’s just not cricket.

OOPS, shouldn’t have mentioned cricket. :D:D:D