ENGLAND ONLY: Trials Day at Skaterham Skatepark

Hi guys, I was planning on arranging a trials meeting at Skaterham Skatepark, Caterham, South England. I will only be willing to do so if I could get say 15 riders +, and there would have to be a fee since it costs a hefty £95 per two hours, although like I said, if enough people are up for it I will start to arrange it. I am sure the guys at skaterham wont mind.
Skaterham is a indoor skatepark inside a ex. army chapel. I has quarter pipes, funboxes, grindrails and more.
If I can get enough interest I may consider it.
I obviously have no dates or times yet, but I just want to know if anyone would be up for it.
Skaterham website: http://www.skaterham.com/home.htm


sound like a good plan, I’ll come if I’ve got time.

Jan Lukas

Oh cool… just anouther 9 minimum lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi mate,

Just thought I’d let you know. Skateparks are pretty bollocks for unicycling, especially for trials. If you want a decent trials day I would recommend talking to the local trials bikers and just having a ride in your local town. Its free that way and probably better spots than a skatepark can provide.

£95 sounds alot for a 2 hour session.


Yeah cool skatepark. But not for unicycling.

Are Welsh people not invited then? :slight_smile:

I know, I may be able to get it a bit cheaper since I go there quite a lot and the guys who run it know me

They have pallets out back, I’m sure they will let us use them

Of course they are, I just didn’t think other parts of GB would come down to england JUST to ride a couple hour session