England, Dorset, Poole, Parkstone, Rosemary Road.

I was going about my day to day life, when, I was stopped by a friend, well more of an aquatints. What they said to me was incredible, three unicyclists riding along Rosemary Road mere seconds away from my house? I must find these people!

So, this Saturday I’m trying to meet up with all the unicyclists in the area, so far one person is definetly going, and I’ve asked a unicyclist that I have emailed in the past, he hasn’t replied yet but hopefully he will soon. If you (or any one you know) lives in Dorset (and is a unicyclist) (…) (of course) your welcome to join our small unicycle meet, which could hopefully turn into a club. Its this Saturday in Poole high street near the railway crossing, near wh smiths on the side with the dolphin centre.

Even if you can’t come please tell me if you live in the area! And if your the person my friend saw on Rosemary Road even better!

Pm me or send me an email - SamGoodburn@Googlemail.com

He just replied and he’s coming, so thats 3 people so far including my self!

Do you know where in Dorset this guy lives ? I used to live in England in Dorchester,Dorset.Would be cool knowing if theres anyone near there

I live in dorset, poole, parkstone
I know some one woh lives in Dorset, New Forest, Sway
and i know some one who lives in Dorset, Sanford

oh ok good to know there are people who ride in Dorset anyway.