Energy Gel for Unicyclist!

Was at a local Bike shop and was surprised to see Energy Gel specially for Unicyclist!



nice, but why does it have to be banana?? (yuck) lol:)

According to this; there’s 9 delicious flavours. Well, 3 delicious flavours and 6 others :slight_smile:


Espresso flavour?

Does JC know about this?

Mmm, apple-cinnamon :roll_eyes:

Hammer Nutrition headquarters is in Whitefish Montana, couple hours from were I live.

I used to be on their sponsor team, but that kind of pooped out.
I have a couple shirts with that logo on it though.

yum! it’s tempting… :slight_smile:

We had them for swimming, espresso tastes like crap.
Cinnamon tastes really really good though.

I use Hammer Gel when I’m biking at 24 hr races. It really is the best stuff in the middle of your 4th lap when all you want to do is just go fall asleep on the side of the trail. The espresso isn’t very good cuz you get way too hyper and can’t sleep when you get back. I find the orange it good cuz its not too strong and not too sweet.
You don’t need much of it, I use about half a pack per lap (only when needed) and take it with lots of water. Its not a substitute for food, it just gives you that little extra boost without making you crash after.
So ya, anyone thats doing long distance unicycling should check it out :slight_smile:

:smiley: I’ve seen and eaten hammer gel so many times, I can’t believe I never saw it as a unicycle!
(my personal preference is actually GU)

My health teacher from last year’s name is Mr. Goldhammer… He is a distributor for Hammer Nutrition products… he has posters for their stuff all over his room… I always thought it was funny…

I also use the Hammer Nutrition products. They sell that artwork as a temporary tattoo. Rotate it just a little when putting it on and it is a uni. It stays on quite a while.

Mmmm… I wonder if the temp tattoo could be modified or combine pieces of two of them for a different look. Sounds like a competition.

They handed this stuff out at Moab MUni Fest last year but I never ate it for some reason, and its been sitting around my room for the past year. We got gel packs, and some pills all branded with the hammer unicycle logo.

I always thought it was funny that they handed out pills inside a plastic baggie stapled to a paper cover. You could probably sell the individual pills on the streets pretending they’re some drugs and get away with it lol

haha - I’ve never noticed that. I have those all the time on my long runs, and have sucked a few on long unicycle rides too.

I remember getting tons of those pills and gel packs from Moab last year. I liked them.

The pills were kinda funny, cause I had so many once I got back home, and just left them on my desk. Some of them got squished, so there was a bit of the white spilled out.

My friends would come over and id take a few in front of them, and they completely believed it was some type of drug.

I found one of those packs of raspberry flavor at the bottom of my Camelbak just a couple of weeks ago. I think I used it on my RTL qualifying ride. I was ready for it to taste all stale, but it tasted great. I wish I could find it in the stores around here…

Oh yeah, I think Hammer is sponsoring Moab Munifest again this year with some free stuff…

Sweet, I’ll have to compare last year’s vintage with the new stuff they give us lol

unicycle… or sprocket/crankset?

Picture on the Package

It is suposed to be a sprocket/crankset but the first thing that I saw was a unicycle. When I saw it I had just finished a 30km cross country ride. There were a whole bunch of bikers hanging out by the cafe/bike shop at the end of the trail. Of course they were all making comments about the unicycle. I told them that it is not so uncommon they even have energy gells made for unicyclists, showing them the Hammer Gell. None of them even disputed that it was not a unicyclist on the front! Hell, the picture does look like a MUni!